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On the latest episode of Heroes, titled "Into Asylum," characters from themselves on the run from Danko.

Nathan and Claire take refuge in Mexico, while Peter and Angela repair their relationship inside a church.

We'll publish a detailed recap of the hour soon after it concludes. For now, visit our Heroes forum and discuss the latest developments with fellow fans...

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how could a dead body change its shape? i mean if we're gonna get that technical Allen then nothing on Heroes makes sense. Didn't you see that it is painful to change shape? I think they wrote this part of the story just fine and we have that important twist where HRG thinks Sylars in a body bag


How is the shapeshifter able to stay looking like Sylar after he is dead? It seems obvious that he would have reverted back to his own form. The whole situation was again a failure to rationally following through on plot development.


Maybe he got something like PArkmans ability. dunno.. Thought it was wierd as well.


I hate how Danko uses the One of Us One of Them thing!!! The way it's supposed to be used is reffering to if you have an ability or a regular human, but Danko uses it reffering to if you're on the side of the agents or a runner, which is wrong! Pisses me off -_-


How did Sylar get out of the car and onto the roof without ever opening or shutting a car door? Well I think they were seriously putting forth the notion that Sylar has acquired the ability to teleport. (acquired off screen) NO Telekinesis couldn’t do that.. sure he could fly and open doors and such. but he cant move hundreds of feet in seconds with telekinesis... he has to be able to teleport now, why else would they have shown him on the roof watching Danko. Another aspect of the development I loved was the One of us One of them aspect. Danko & Sylar Vs HRG & Angela, Bring it on!


This was a good episode. But nothing can compare to the action of last weeks episode. BRING BACK HIRO AND ANDO!!!


heroes is in fine form again, back to focusing on the characters and their individual journeys. Sylar is more dangerous than ever, peter more vulnerable and the good guys are on the ropes, the drama and tension is back.


How did Sylar get out of Danko's car so fast? and yeah Sylar got that power somehow, it had to be the mimicry thing Arthur told him he could do.


I'm surprised nobody brought that up... but how the hell did Sylar get the shapeshifter's ability? It was certainly not empathic mimicry (judging from the smile on his face as he was watching him struggle). Looks like Sylar's intuitive aptitude reached a new level, or he developped an "antipathic mimicry" thingie.


i like the twist of HRG thinking they caught sylar when they really haven't and what will happen if he finds out danko is working with sylar. also i see a showdown brewing where all the good guys team up to take sylar & danko down. the parts where danko and sylar were hunting the shape shifter felt more like season one or two and it was nice to see them hunting someone that wasn't considered one of the good guys


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