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Wakey wakey and happy Monday, Upper East Siders! Tonight, Gossip Girl is back with an all-new episode, "Remains of the J," and it's shaping up to be a doozy.

Last week's "The Grandfather" put the love quadrangle of Nate, Blair, Chuck and Vanessa in motion. This week, the drama, jealousy and romance will escalate.

Elsewhere, it's Jenny's 16th birthday, but a mellow evening gets totally outta control when Serena and her pal Poppy get involved in party planning. Also, Dan receives a letter and package from Yale that set a number of things in motion.

What else do you think and hope will happen in this evening's Gossip Girl - and beyond? Discuss "The Grandfather" in our
Nate A.

Follow the link to check out the photos and sneak previews of "Remains of the J" that we've assembled so far, and if you are looking for even more details (major Gossip Girl spoiler alert), you can read our episode recap of tonight's events early, as well.

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nate and blair are cute... but very middle school cute... there's just no chemistry beyond that... they're supposed to be older and heading to college... i dunno there's just nothing exciting about them. Chuck and Vanessa was completely unnecessary... i actually liked nate with vanessa better. At least vanessa gave nate's character some edge... otherwise, he hasn't seemed to have much of a backbone for the last couple of episodes... how is him and blair being together cute if one night she tries to seduce him; fails; and the night immediately after he tells her he wants to be with her... that wasn't how he'd been putting it all along... it had seemed like he really did want to be just friends... i thought this whole episode was a mess!! p.s.- serena is getting a little annoying... except for that one line with dan, she completely disregarded the fact that she only threw that party for herself using jenny's birthday as an excuse!!! Of course, jenny is going to act like an enraged teenager... because her soon to be (teenage as well?) older sister Serena can't act any better!!! Still... i think i'm going to watch the next show anyway... just to see how much worse this can get!


Totally agree with u bbbb, chace and leighton look good together. And i think leighton is closer to chace than ed IRL. But in the show i have to admit blair and chuck are cute though. for now im just enjoying nate and blair while it lasts. :)


if we're gonna go there, and totally 7th grade, but leighton and chace are super cute together. wish she'd dump sebby for chace.


LuLu ITA. Everything all season has been rushed, no foreshadowing whatsoever. I dont understand this kind of writing either. There's no setup. It's just bam, there it is. Really dumb.


Totally agree with u bbbb :)


I was prepared to enjoy the "love rectangle", but it fell flat. The storyline with Nate's transformation has been too sudden and rushed. The reasons for his breakup with Vanessa were insufficient. It makes perfect sense that he would turn to Blair again, and even more sense that she would want to renew things with him. However, we needed a touch of foreshadowing, for more than 1 episode, to get us here. I also don't mind the idea of Chuck and Vanessa joining forces to make their actual loved ones jealous. However, the writers took it too far. The kiss would have been fine, and they could have flirted with the idea of "do we really like each other, or are we just making them jealous" for a week or two. However, the hop into bed was too much, too soon, and too insulting to everyone who is waiting for a glimpse of hope for Chuck and Blair. Chuck has seriously messed up his chances with Blair, and though plotting and jealous lashing out is par for the course with Chuck, this is TOO MUCH. We need both the plotting Chuck, scheming to get Blair back, but also the Chuck who really wants Blair and is going to show it. The flash of it by the lockers? Too flimsy. That just reinforced the idea that Blair really loves Chuck and has given up trying. It didn't show us that he loves her, just that he dislikes losing. Come on, writers, you can do better.


i feel for all of you chair fans, but please don't stop watching the show, honestly i love this show and i don't want it to end, so please do watch it, cause i am not leaving in the US so i am of no help with ratings.
and also don't like the CV thing, i'm a chair fan too but i also find NB cute and sweet, honestly Chace is more good looking than Ed and i think leighton looks good with chace. but i know that in the show the character of chuck and blair suits for each other.


no - dorota and CHUCK. didnt you see the chemistry between them in their scenes? there's clearly underlying sexual tension there that needs to be exploited. after all it's a step UP for chuck after this episode >


ahahaha. crazy wack pairings.. eric and v! eric and j! eric and any female. ummm.. serena's dad with alison humphrey. SNAP. dorota and rufus lmao


actually the writers should just make dan and blair have sex too - that would totally make sense with all the storylines they seem to be throwing at us these days.


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