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Wakey wakey and happy Monday, Upper East Siders! Tonight, Gossip Girl is back with an all-new episode, "Remains of the J," and it's shaping up to be a doozy.

Last week's "The Grandfather" put the love quadrangle of Nate, Blair, Chuck and Vanessa in motion. This week, the drama, jealousy and romance will escalate.

Elsewhere, it's Jenny's 16th birthday, but a mellow evening gets totally outta control when Serena and her pal Poppy get involved in party planning. Also, Dan receives a letter and package from Yale that set a number of things in motion.

What else do you think and hope will happen in this evening's Gossip Girl - and beyond? Discuss "The Grandfather" in our
Nate A.

Follow the link to check out the photos and sneak previews of "Remains of the J" that we've assembled so far, and if you are looking for even more details (major Gossip Girl spoiler alert), you can read our episode recap of tonight's events early, as well.

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i cannot stand wathing vanessa anymore she is so boring she sucks at acting if the show goes downhill its her characters fault


I am a total CHAIR fan, but I must say, that Nate is giving Chuck a run for his money...NAIR looked so cute together last night, Im starting to become a fan of theirs until CHAIR can figure things out and finally be together...But NAIR for right now seems right...Love Queen B!!! She makes any guy with her look FAB!!! Nate really did do a good job last night and my favorite part was him touching her hair at the end... too dang cute!!! Diehard GG fan!!! Go hard or go home!!!


LOVED THIS EPISODE! Love the fact Nate and Blair are together and I think Chuck and Vanessa are cute as well. I love Vanessa, and Chuck was definitely making puppy dog eyes at her---probably moreso Ed than his character, but I loved how I could see it. Ed is so into her! Awww...:)


First off (and don't shoot me blate/nair fans) I am a total chair fan - I will not quit watching the show just because B and C are hooking up with other people - I will watch and wait and if chair is to be no more (which I really don't think will happen - they are too epic) then they are no more. I don't know why the Chair fans are so angry about V & C - but they are not mad about B and Carter Baizen(sp?) - she is allowed to sleep with the worst enemy, but Chuck isn't? Personally- I wished Carter would have stuck around for a while. I liked him - I liked him being a bad influence on Blair - though I have to say that stealing sunglasses, and throwing a few insults at people was not the out of control I was looking for - thought is was a little lame and they could have taken it so much further. I think the biggest problem with GG right now is that all of the storylines seem so rushed. Why did Blair's meltdown last for exactly half an episode - why was that not carried out a little longer setting up for some seriously cool storylines - why did N and V break up so quickly? - why are N and B already back together - Why did Chuck "fight" for Blair for like one minute, and then he was like "Oh Well, let me go sleep with V to make B jealous, since she is obviously with N" - what happened to the epicness of everything? There is no buildup to anything anymore it just happens and then no one feels anything - or at least I don't I feel like I am always waiting for something awesome to happen. I don't know - I am hoping the the writers will start giving us more build-up, a little more suspense and less akward OMG moments.


Oh yeah, that was another thing I didn't understand about this episode. Aren't Nate and Chuck best friends??? Why would they do this to each other? Let history repeat itself? They would've learned from the last time they fought over Blair.


Dont you guys realised everytime that nate has a problem with a girlfriend Chuck ends up sleeping with them.. god Chuck isnt Nate your Friend... Anyways last nihgt i was so shocked. i was having dinner with friends and dumped them to watch the show. i loved it but it literally had me going WTF and OMFG!!!


I hate C/V together, but I don't think it has the potential of becoming something serious. I think people are getting carried away because they had sex more than once, but you have to remember they saw Blair walking out...followed by Nate, who didn't even pause to actually talk to Vanessa. He was rude and then followed Blair, suggesting they were going to work something out - so she probably told Chuck, and then they had comfort/revenge sex.
I am a big C/B fan, but I don't mind Nair for now. It was sweet and we know it's going to end soon, so I don't mind getting a few scenes of Blair happy. I am just annoyed that Chuck had to sleep with dirty V of all people - she's awful! I'm not worried about C/V, but I hope they end their little physical fling quickly, because it's just distracting him from winning Blair back.
Although, in the spoilers and promos, there's meant to be a lot of Chuck/Nate rivalry for Blair, with no V - so maybe that last scene was like 'end of fling' sex...they knew it was just a rebound, and wasn't going to happen again, so they might as well have sex then before trying to win back their loves! Just my thoughts, I could be wrong and just plain hopeful! But I am awaiting CHAIR and need to keep optimistic!


Stop blaming the writers! They are ruining the characters? They create the characters. And about Chuck sleeping with V, this is Chuck. Want a good guy? Pick Nate. Cute! Love seeing him with Blair.


I hated this. I'm CB all the way and this episode was horrible. NB - still boring and I hate Blair acting like a needy, whiney loser. That is not Blair. Nate- yeah that comment to V saying she turned into B (yes it was a put down) and then he kisses her ?! Please-friggin' loser. CV- I don't like real life couples making out on my screen- gross. I don't think I'll be tuning in anymore. I've had enough of this junk and this put me over the edge.


This show SUCKS! I hated NB and CV- this show can go screw itself.


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