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Wakey wakey and happy Monday, Upper East Siders! Tonight, Gossip Girl is back with an all-new episode, "Remains of the J," and it's shaping up to be a doozy.

Last week's "The Grandfather" put the love quadrangle of Nate, Blair, Chuck and Vanessa in motion. This week, the drama, jealousy and romance will escalate.

Elsewhere, it's Jenny's 16th birthday, but a mellow evening gets totally outta control when Serena and her pal Poppy get involved in party planning. Also, Dan receives a letter and package from Yale that set a number of things in motion.

What else do you think and hope will happen in this evening's Gossip Girl - and beyond? Discuss "The Grandfather" in our
Nate A.

Follow the link to check out the photos and sneak previews of "Remains of the J" that we've assembled so far, and if you are looking for even more details (major Gossip Girl spoiler alert), you can read our episode recap of tonight's events early, as well.

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Queen s

I have just watched the episode. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK AND WHAT TO SAY. I didn't like this episode very much: I liked only the B./N.'s part and (don't kill meeee!!) C./V.'s part. I liked C./V.'s part 'cause I've always thought that the story between B. and C. needed something to make it more exciting. And I do think that if B. knew what happened between C. and V., she would kill V. because C. belong to B. (and B. belong to C.!). So, I also think that the story between N. and B. cannot last: they've already tried to be together, but we don't have to forget that B. LOVES C.... And C. LOVES B. (we haven't heard it yet, but it's sure!). And two lovers cannot be separated. They're just playing! At least, I hope... Because I WANT CB! :)
All we have to do is wait. I know it'll be hard! =)
Ps: I thought V. was more saintly... OMFG!


This is what got me mad about the CV thing. In the previous episode Blair threw herself at Chuck, and he turned her down because it wasn't the right thing to do. He told her that he wants the real Blair, and the look on his face said everything. THEN he went to B's to tell her he LOVED HER. Now all of the sudden, he's sleeping with V more than once? Really?! Blair can't be the only one to fight for their 'relationship'. If Chuck truly loved her, he would get mad about N, but get Blair back the right way. I loved B&N in this episode. I don't blame B for wanting a normal, drama-free relationship with someone. They are completely adorable together.


I loveee chuck and vanessaaa! chuck has treated blair soo badly? she slept with his uncle or did something with him....i dont know but that doesnt sound so sweet to me. i cant wait to see nate move on to his next conquest, which he always does. it probably wont be too long. oh and by the wayyy... it's spelled a lot not alot! that mistake is made way to often here!


The only thing that stopped me from puking was Jenny. This episode made me actually like her and I appreciate what she has become since the first season. Dan was adorable too, but I really was disappointed from Serena because she was bitchy and false this episode with Jenny and with Blair, saying she wasn't rooting for Chuck. I mean...we know in the next episodes CB are plotting against Gabriel for Serena's sake and obviously Chuck is doing it to protect her...and she just doesn't care? Also don't expect me to swallow all that NB and CV crap. NB were too cheesy for me and CV were completely disgusting.
I hope they redeem Chuck.


this show is whiter than white. goodluck getting a minority in thats a bigger role then isabella or nelly yuki lol JESSICA SZORH is half-black. that's about the closest.


I dont think Nate left V hanging at all. I dont understand why he cant just have lost interest. This was the one thing was semi-brweing for 1-2 eps, like when he pointed out to V that they had nothing in common. Then there was a lot of tension and disagreement at the reunion. It doesnt have to be some big event like someone cheated or whatever for someone to dumo another. Just plain -dont feel it for you anymore, never really did, actually- is quite enough.


This episode was really good. Surprising, but good. I like Jenny in this episode, wholesome, grounded, put together but still filled w/ teenage moments. Unlike Serena, what the hell? As for this whole debate we’ve going on here, in my opinion NB really doesn’t fit. Granted that shot under the bridge was straight out of some Christmas romance movie, but there is no substance and no spark there. They hung out for a week in which she's crushed re: Yale & he's re-embracing his rich fam(who didn't help him & his mom thru the mess), power & privilege, they sit on a balcony, eat crossaints and now they’re bf/gf? No matter what, their chemistry does not hold a light to CB. B does deserve a man who is good to her, but not a mad boring ho-bag. (Seriously he slept w/ everyone and their mama. Literally) As for CV, I think you all have been drinking too much of that haterade. Why do you all hate on V so badly? I feel for V. Nate just left her hanging. Don’t get me wrong, he seems cool & is super beautiful, he just hasn’t found himself yet (he’s a big wishy washy mess, but that’s what college is for) But back to the point, both CV have just experienced heart break. C realizes too late that he should be w/ B and V’s at loss again. Dude, she stuck by Nate thru all his Dad’s crack/jail drama & she watches out for him so he doesn’t become something he doesn’t want to be & even that who Jenny randomness. The severely broken hearted sometimes do things they never expect to do—including out of character/gross pairing. C will be able to get on his feet again, what about V? Throw her a bone writers. (Also, considering as I understand it the writers peruse these sites for some insight)-- I hope that next season when they get to college you can throw in a main/sub character or two, people of color, seeing as it is NYC and all. Thanks. Anyways, altogether well played. One of the better eps this time around. And I like how everyone is conveniently not getting into the school of their dreams so they have to stay in NYC.


NateXBlair wrote the most perfectly contructed V-Hater List everrr. LUV IT.
It covers most everything, mainly her hypocrasy (supposedly hates UES but finds a way to be at absolutely ALL THEIR EVENTS!! wtf??; criticizes everyone else behavior but then does many underhanded things herself-stealing jenny's letter was SO LOW).
The only thing u missed is that she's ugly. The end.


Winnie: I think that pic is gross. Ed has love handles, he needs to hit the gym or I dunno what. And it's an awkward scene.. like Jessica's fingers are abotu to go up his you-know-what. I dont think they're cute together at all. They're both fugs facially/gaps in their teeth. They should get that fixed liked Demi Lovato did, it's quick and easy.
And they both dress TERRIBLE. So maybe theyre made for each other.


me again.
one thing to add,
does anyone find the picture of jessica grabbing ed's butts [on the right]irritating?
it's kinda getting on my nerve
espeically after CV


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