Ed Westwick Lunches in L.A.

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Enjoying a trip away from snowy New York with a trip to the west coast, Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick had a nice meal with some friends outdoors in West Hollywood ...

Laid-Back Ed

So hip, even when so casual. Click to enlarge more photos of the British actor who plays Chuck Bass kicking it (and stuffing his face) in SoCal ...

Ed the Hipster
Ed in Hollywood
Deep Conversation
A Lunch Date
The Man Needs Food
Ed at Lunch
Ed Chows Down

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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he is so hot and gorgeous and cute, it's too bad the pix were bad. but the purple tapered jeans have to go. i'm sorry. he has a right wear them but please stop!


he always looks so gay.


He looks so disgustingly cracked out in all of these pictures. They make me want to be his friend.


he looks kinda chubby in the photos.. aaww. where's the perfect cheekbones???


he looks freaking yummy


He looks hot.


These pics hit perzhilton and tmz yesterday and sadly they used the worst picture of poor Ed. He is very good-looking and that wasnt fair of them to do that. I saw all kinds of rude posts about him from those pics yesterday. So thanx gossip girl insider for broadcasting a much pleasant picture of him.


I'm sorry but I have to say this: I like Gossip Girl and I like this site, but this kind of posts are so not useful. They don't say anything new. Who cares about the private life of actors? I'm sure they wouldn't like coming in here and seeing posted images of themselves while they're eating or something. I think this is not a gossip site, this a Gossip Girl site. Please don't take it the wrong way. I like you're site. I'm just trying to give my opinion on how to make it a little bit better. Keep up the good work.


that jeans are so CHUCK!! they are PURPLE!!!


haha i agree aa. but he is still really hot!


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