First Promo For "Elevator Love Letter"

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Below is the first promo for "Elevator Love Letter," this Thursday's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's the 19th episode of the show's current fifth season.

The big stories: Derek returns to the hospital to perform his first surgery since his breakdown, Izzie's medical condition requires her to undergo a difficult operation of her own, and Owen experiences another PTSD episode that injures Cristina and traumatizes both.

Sneak previews and photos to come! Here's the promo ...

[video url="" title="Elevator Love Letter Promo"] [/video]

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Can't wait Maybe Derek proposes before the surgery because he's afraid he will lose Mer if something goes wrong


I know this is probably not the first thing you might think of after watching the video, but I find the scene between O`Malley and Torres the most touching... I`ve been waiting for some kind of closure between those two, I`m glad Shonda remembers they used to have a relationship that meant a lot to them both (at first anyway)... and george needs all the help he can get, Izzie is her best friend (nothing more)...


I am confused with the break you are all talking about. When is it and why are you sure about it? On this site, to the right, it says there is a new one on April 2nd, so the week after this one- no break. Does it come after that? Thanks for letting me know :)


atheart282: I was thinking the same kind of thing with a Walk to Remember ending...because if she really does in fact die Mer isn't going to want to get married after one of her closest friends died which leaves it as an Izzie/Alex wedding....but nothing has been confimed so maybe its not...


omg this is gonna be amazing/tear-envoking/hooray time for Mer/Der fans! ahhh! and Derek says his line before his surgery! She CANNOT die, not yet! She and Alex have to be the ones that get married! And then they'll probably do a Walk to Remember ending.....but she CANNOT die just yet!! I hope that she won't die ever, but I have that feeling that she will...God this sucks...but I can't wait for Thursday!!!


So question is, will they even allow George and izzie to have a scene? Why is everyone in the room but George? I am so sick and tired of George getting 2 minutes per episode.


BTW - it's a 2 hour finale, eh. Mid-may. Perfect time for an elaborate wedding filled with extra commercial spots. And the wedding could be set for the end of summer, so we start where we left off (and making it a 4 month engagement). Just saying. MerDer shouldn't be totally discounted.


It should be on at least her kidneys and brain and her head should be shaved to get to her head. I love how Callie was being all supportive, encouraging George, one of the great moments I've been looking for!


What? Why is there gonna be a break?? For how long? I hate ABC, they have breaks all the time :(


first of all, sorry for my english but I'm french.
I don't want Izzie to die, I mean she is my favorite character and it will be so heartbreaking when we're going to see her suffer and maybe lose her hair because of the chemo. urghh and I agree with carla about the way alex watch her sleeping: so sad!! he is so in love with her and I want izzie to tell him that she loves him too. maybe it would happen just before she goes to surgery thinking that she might not wake up again. again: so sad

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