Gossip Girl Promo: "Seder Anything"

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Below is the first promo for "Seder Anything," the next new episode of Gossip Girl, which is scheduled to air on Monday, April 20. Yes, another three-week break, but then it's five straight weeks of episodes to close out Season Two.

In "Seder Anything," Chuck and Nate set out to expose Serena's shady new man Gabriel, while becoming bitter rivals for the affections of Blair Waldorf in the process. Meanwhile, Cyrus Rose and a newly-reformed Georgina Sparks return.

Tell us what you think after seeing the first glimpse of the episode:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/seder-anything-promo/" title="Seder Anything Promo"] [/video]

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that was georgina who pushed chuck on the wall but it looks like blair in bed with him ???? chuck runs into georgina and it seems like shes changed i saw behind the scenes on e!news but she wants revenge on blair. hmmmmm... i definetly cant wait 3 weeks for this!>:(

Karina  bassdorf

the promo on the CW is better and clearer.
what i think is that Nates cousin could be gettin married obv Blair wants to be the bridesmaid. Dan and Serena are "married" but could be covering up Serenas marrige mistake with maybe that Julian guy whatever so bascially she married Julian and not Dan its just a plot thing Blair and Chuck... i just dont know if she's the girl in the bedroom shes definatley not the girl who pushes Chuck against the wall i swear thats Georgina :| bitch.
i cant wait ! :)


Thank goodness! The promo on the CW site is much better - for us hopeless Chair fans at least... I think?


Ok, so I'm weak, and hoping for some relief for Chair... caught the promo against my better judgement. I think the wedding is for Nate's cousin Tripp - only way it'd make sense for him to be making a speech (esp. if best man), and I think the Vanderbilt Family is his strongest SL for the season ending.
God, I almost hope C does hook up with G, if only to make V a meaningless blip. But I'm afraid that either one or both hookups will not be revealed to B when/if Chair reunites, setting us all up for later heartbreaking drama. That is, if I actually bother watching this show again...


Hey didn't someone in this thread mention that Chuck says 'Haven't we done this before?' I guess since he has slept with almost every girl on GG except for Serena, then I'm stumped who the woman is beneath him. It would make sense if it was Blair but he did lose his virginity to Georgina. And of course his latest sexual toy is Vanessa. Oh boy............


in the extended promo wedding seems like blair and nate's hair style and i think blair isnt the girl that who is with chuck


check out this youtube video with pics from seder anything!! any other clue? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


People, is it tru that in the extended promo Dan says he loves Serena????
and as lily responses, are they back together?
or it all a fluke? Confunsing, but that what i understood, although the producers said we would have no more derena this season. About the ideas, maybe it is blair and chuck, and then she told nate and he reacted like that im in brazil, downloading the last episode, so keep us posted on promos, because it takes 2 weeks for they to arrive here on tv, ok? gossipgirl insider : congratulations! your work is fantastic and keeps me from going crazy with the delay in episodes. Byeee
whats all that about?

Millycent katz

madison i think the rehearsal dinner is for nate's cousin (as seen on the grandfather episode) in the CW's preview, Blair is seen talking to nate's grandfather suggesting she be a bridesmaid =)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... I`ve just posted it!

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