Gossip Girl Promo: The Love Quadrangle "Blast"

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Below is an interesting new preview for next week's episode of Gossip Girl, presented as a "blast" from Gossip Girl herself and detailing the show's new love "quadrangle."

Apparently, the word is out that Nate and Blair are back on as a couple, so Chuck decides to do something about it with an unlikely ally - Vanessa. Thus, the quadrangle.

Check out the cool preview of next Monday's "Remains of the J" below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-blast-new-promo/" title="Gossip Girl Blast: New Promo"] [/video]

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I dont mind Vanessa. To me she's just there that's it. I mean there are times when she does bitchy things and times where it's just awkward that she's there but rly i dont mind her. But now I am pissed that Chuck is using her (vise versa) to make Blair jelouse. That's so fucked! But I wonder how Blair&Nate are gunna take it I mean they probably know that Chuck&Vanessa could never rly be attracted to each. I mean if I saw them come together I would probably die laughing, it's Chuck&Vanessa that's very unrealistic, but then again she grabbed him first and kissed him passionatly. Damn she was selling it! Poor B & Nate. And V too. Cuz i'm still made at what they're planning but i also know she's hurt and shiit. She already feels like she doesn't belong cuz she's broke.


Here's my prediction: In the promo where Chuck and Vanessa kiss, I think that Blair and Nate are going to get jealous and *that* leads to Blair and Nate sleeping together, or pretending to sleep together. Ergo, the CV plan backfires. I love Vanessa. She's one of the less stuck-up characters on the show and I love her wardrobe. She proves that you don't have to be rich and snobby to be cool and down-to-earth. Not everyone has to be a bratty, whiny WASP (not the insect, the acronym) to be interesting. Don't hate because she dates Ed in real life.


It'll be good if Chuck and Vanessa's thing backfires, because then you'll feel bad for Chuck even more, which is kinda the point.


Classic Chuck! Nate comforted B in her darkest hour and now gets to enjoy B's company! Chuck won't have any of that and is back to scheming. I think Chuck is making Vanessa think there is more than there is just so he can get his girl back. I agree it is probably just breakfast. Vanessa is going to fall for it and then it is going to blow up in their faces and push B & N even closer. Chuck is going to play hard and I am sure Blair is going to push just as hard back. Poor Nate and Vanessa - stuck between Chuck and Blair! I don't think it is B with C in bed in the OMG promo. I think he is back to having problems....still needs to have the Queen B!


Enough with the V+N thing already! They're a suckish couple!


I agree chuckbanger I love chuck but I am sick of his hair he looks like he is trying to act like a 3o year old playboy or something!!! and I miss his michevious ways LOL


Well that's your opinion V sux, because I don't believe that at all. I don't think the writers would do that, they would be sell outs if they did and besides Jessica is good actress and she's getting booked for many movies such as Fired Up and Walks with Britney Snow. So don't hate Jess for her charactor oh and by the way her name isn't Vanessa that's her charactor name.


vanessa is just getting more air-time because she is dating ed. period. it's called nepotism.


enought with the combover, you are supposed to be 17 years old!!! BRING THE BANGS BACK! and the old chuck too, please...teh mischevious son-of-a-bitch we all fell for, stop this tortured adult nonsense, and run amuk like you should, chuck.

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