Gossip Girl Promo: The Love Quadrangle "Blast"

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Below is an interesting new preview for next week's episode of Gossip Girl, presented as a "blast" from Gossip Girl herself and detailing the show's new love "quadrangle."

Apparently, the word is out that Nate and Blair are back on as a couple, so Chuck decides to do something about it with an unlikely ally - Vanessa. Thus, the quadrangle.

Check out the cool preview of next Monday's "Remains of the J" below ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-blast-new-promo/" title="Gossip Girl Blast: New Promo"] [/video]

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No Vanessa should stay
and why should Vanessa have to be in school with them..I don't think it matters. and V is not a reject!
V lovers unite! haha


Dan and Jenny arent super rich, but people dont hate them. V doesnt fit in because she does not go to their school. She doesnt go to school, period - it's totally weird! She's supposed to be in high school! So the writers have all these LAME and FORCED ways to try and get her in the stories like randomly throwing her with Nate and her stupid-ass documentaries. This character has NO PLACE IN THE SHOW and should be cut!!


reject? lol!!
tsk tsk. chuck, when will you ever learn. jumping into conclusions much?!?!


Okay no wonder you guys hate Vanessa...it's because she's not rich!
whoa haha that's probably why I think all the V haters are such bitches. "The rich belong with the rich" What the hell is wrong with you?


ahah yah, you called it. V is such a reject.


Hahaha! take that stupid Vanessa. The rich always belong with the rich, you're just a reject!


chuck does say that he's seen blair at nate's every morning.
1) ew, i dont care who it is, STALKER is never attrative, UGH. 2) so what if she's there every morning? they have breakfast together, so what? But it's a show where people always jump to conclusions instead of going directly to the source. It's pretty dumb though. And it gets old after a while. Serena pulls that crap *all the time* with Dan. Instead of telling Dan stuff, she hides it or lies becauses she *assumes* Dan will hate her/judge her if he finds out even tho he never does. It's old already.


i think that blair was talking in the phone first and saying the "disgusting" line (because she was still carrying the coffee and pastries), then, thats when she went to nate's house. you could see that nate is holding a coffee in his hand.


Man!!! I love Chuck but he is being so dumb! He misunderstood everything. It's obvious Blair ad Nate are just having a time as friends with all the thing "finding themselves". But V and C are going to help them instead of taking revenge.
That really makes me think Chuck is in the bed with another woman who isn't Blair.


From this promo, it appears that Blair&Nate are just hanging out as friends and V and C totally misinterpret it.
Jeez. Instead of assuming they're tog, they should have just directly asked. It looks like it is C and V that drive Blair&Nate into romance-status.

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