Gossip Girl Spoilers: Kristen Bell Sighting?

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OMG, is Gossip Girl herself finally going to appear on the CW series that bears her name? Sneaky celebrity gossip photographers spotted the actress who voices the character hanging with the Gossip Girl cast this week.

Are we finally going to meet the blogger behind the infamous site?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, Kristen Bell was photographed on the set of Gossip Girl. Was it just a coincidental visit or are we going to actually see our favorite snarky voiceover character in person on the show?

According to sources, Kristen Bell is not scheduled to appear onscreen, but the season finale is all about Serena van der Woodsen trying to unmask Gossip Girl.

Why do you think that is? And how do you think it will turn out?

Ed Westwick, Kristen Bell
Blake Lively and Kristen Bell

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In the last episode of season 4 she is revealed. I wont spoil it for you but it might be your mother.


well the season finale is called "the goodbye gossip girl" and since the next season will most likely be with them in college (will that mean no jenny then? is it wrong to be cheering?) i don't think it will necessarily matter if they unmask gossip girl or not. but i'm guessing they should use kristen while they have the chance coz this girl is awesomeness.
because likely this will be the end of them being plagued by gossip girl postings. since it's based around the upper east side, and not at their colleges.
so, yeah. even if it aint as gossip girl, definitely have kristen bell on the show. maybe even as a new character that could continue into season 3? unlikely but damn would that be awesome


the picture of blake & kristen is really old. well, you know, from like season 1. the ed pic is new, but i'm thinking it's just a coincidence she's there. or even if she is in an episode, it will probably be a random cameo type thing. because even though gossip girl is voiced by kristen bell, wasn't it always made clear that it could be anyone? and it would not necessarily be played by kristen bell if they ever chose to unmask her? plus if they do have her as gossip girl. they wouldn't have serena unmask her. probably have her just give up, and you see kristen standing in the shadows going ha bitch! lolz


i dont know if its fake, but it shows kristen bell on gossip girl!!!! :25


I think it would be great if Serena unmasked GG... Why?!? Well because it’s their senior year, & what a legacy to take down the source that has been hurting so many (specially S, how many false rumors & exaggerations have made her look like the worse girl only to find that she’s probably the least evil of them all and all based on GG blasts?) to leave Constance free of that burden would totally rock & be the kind of cool only Serena could pull off. Think about it this way, GG is changing as we speak because the seniors have to evolve into College material, GG is “So high school� that it would be a great spin off. It does not necessarily ruin it, it enhances the story lines of the graduates growing into their potential leaving all the high school BS behind while stepping forward into the next phase... well at least that's what I think ;)


It would really spoil the show if gg was revealed .. So i really hope they don't do that. . They probably need a storyline for serena so they took this.. Oh! And i really hope chuck wins the rivalry *yay* go chuck . . . X0


It would really spoil the show if gg was revealed .. So i really hope they don't do that. . They probably need a storyline for serena so they took this.. Oh! And i really hope chuck wins the rivalry *yay* go chuck . . . X0


The picture on the left is so photoshopped and as for the one on the right, maybe she was just visting the set, after all, she is the voice of the show.


These pictures don't even look like they were even taken in the same YEAR much less a single trip - Kristen's hair is way different in cut and colour, and maybe even the roundness of her face...
Not that I wouldn't want to see Kristen acting, but I hope it's not true, the ID of GG is best kept a mystery!

Charlotte waldorf

They won't do it...Kristen already said it once,they have no plans to reveal GG
I mean,the fun is in the mistery,right?
I think she was just talking with the cast,something like that...

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