Gossip Girl Spoilers: Kristen Bell Sighting?

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OMG, is Gossip Girl herself finally going to appear on the CW series that bears her name? Sneaky celebrity gossip photographers spotted the actress who voices the character hanging with the Gossip Girl cast this week.

Are we finally going to meet the blogger behind the infamous site?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, Kristen Bell was photographed on the set of Gossip Girl. Was it just a coincidental visit or are we going to actually see our favorite snarky voiceover character in person on the show?

According to sources, Kristen Bell is not scheduled to appear onscreen, but the season finale is all about Serena van der Woodsen trying to unmask Gossip Girl.

Why do you think that is? And how do you think it will turn out?

Ed Westwick, Kristen Bell
Blake Lively and Kristen Bell

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My lame prediction: GG revealed something of Serena's that only she knew? Or something of someone.. ? And no, she won't find her.. it's not meant to be that we know who GG is!


Hahaaha..... look at Ed


I wud love to see bell on the show
but if she was unmasked wud that not ruin it for series 3
not to mention if she was unmasked ther wud b no mystery so she wud hav to b in a few episodes
hmmmm...... will hav to think bout this one


Bell looks prettier but also older without makeup. Odd..


I dont think it's a good idea it would spoil the whole show ... Its all about Gossip girl that well never find out who she is .. Qoute : And Who Am I That's one thing i'll never tell GG I Mean Duhhh !


It was weird how she's in all those pics ... I think it's a promo shoot or something, because they're not exactly dressed in character in these pictures...


well im just shocked first of all!! but i recon she will uncover gossip girl. and there wil be members of the elite involved with gossip girl personaly i bet most likely chuck. but we will see...........

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