Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen Reenlisting?

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Are Cristina and Owen over for good after last week's amazing episode, or is there a chance the couple may find itself back together despite the increasingly difficult odds?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, the Grey's Anatomy fifth season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office. That's an intriguing development.

Is Owen leaving Cristina and Seattle Grace for another enlistment in the U.S. Army?! Could it instead be George leaving Seattle, with Owen with him there for support?

Share your theories on this Grey's Anatomy spoiler below!

Maj. Dr. Owen Hunt

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Owen will not join the army. People who get out of the army RARELY go back... unless Shonda has done 0 research, that won't happen. Second, going into the army as a doctor doesn't make you a hardcore commando sort. Doctors in the army are courageous--they get paid less than civilians, they don't have the best facilities, and they tend to have more responsibilities as leaders... that doesn't mean army docs go about getting in gun fights. It means they have a very special breed of compassion. God knows the army needs more of the compassionate, sacrificing types... more people like George. I may be wrong, being that I know what the army is actually like. I plan on being a military doc, and my husband was in the infantry. However, in my estimation, if they play it out anywhere true to life Owen would sell his soul before he'd re-enlist and George will definitely enlist because he is exactly the kind of person who would make that kind of sacrifice.


TR didn't take the day off to have fun. BOTH he and Eric Dane went to present an award at GLAAD. Read up on your facts. Oh and the same Eric Dane said three times in the last few months how much of a joy TR was. Sara said the same thing, as in Sara Ramirez. Ellen calls TR her brother. Melissa George said she adored him as did everyone, and he was such an amazing person. Justin Chambers said recently that Katie and TR were so great to work with and have on set. In fact Katie and TR are about the two most popular members iof the show with their colleagues. They are the two who most hang out with their colleagues in real life. We have seen TR with Sara, Eric, Katie, Melissa George since the rumors came out and they all looked very happy to be with him, hanging out OFFSET. Sara Ramirez recently again said that TR was her favorite person to work with just three weeks ago. Does that sound like someone so difficult to work with? Think about it. The only person who reported he was hard to work with on set was US weekly, the same magazine who was recently accused of inventing a love affair to promote a Lifetime TVshow, the same mag that was accused of being paid by Lifetime to do it. How reliable are they? None of the other mags, including the gossip mags reported any of this. In fact Aussiello who has sources on the set clearly sided with TR saying that TR was just frustrated to have no story at all like every NORMAL actor would be­. He has sided with him from day 1. So who do you believe? One ossip rag with a reputation for being payed off by networks to do their dirty jobs or every single one of TR's castmates who have been saying what a great joy he is to work with and how much of a big loss he would be to the show? Eric Dane, justin Chambers, Katherine Heigl, Sara Ramirez, all people he is extremely close with in real life and best friends with or a gossip rag. So please stop printing lies about TR. Every critic, journal, castmate and fan who have met him and know him have all had nothing but amazing things to say about how humble he is, how sweet he is, how caring he is. I believe them a lot more than a gossip rag. George leaves. I do too. He has one huge fanbase and a lot of us watch for him, so Shonda should do anything in her power to get him to stay.


i'm not reading the three pages to see if anyone already came up with this, but is it possible that owen goes to reinlist & cristina goes to talk him out of it?


What about Alex? If Izzie does die, do you really think that he will want to stay at Seattle Grace where he will always be reminded of her? Alex seems like the kind of person who would go to the extreme (aka joining the army) to protect himself from emotional pain. He was also a wrestler, so I could definately see him in the army. Who knows, maybe some army discipline will do his attitude issues some good...


iluvgreys, you can find the pic on the site forum (Grey's Anatomy Forum - Episodes - Episode 100) Eric (Mark) and T.R (George) were giving awards at the GLAAD awards and that's why they weren't there. And what the hell JDM is doing there??? Will Denny return? Maybe for a wedding? Btw, I also believe that will be George leaving for the army...

Mrs duquette

It's a MerDer wedding, Shonda said so herself. And it's gotta be George and Owen, but Owen just there for support. I'm the most diehard Cristowen fan out there and there is NO WAY that Owen leaves after Season 5. Cris needs some happy! Burke left her at the freaking altar! But George can't leave, I would cry. He's the glue, like Izzie said back in season 4. He's the GLUE. TR can't go anywhere!


Owen was fired from the Army, so there is no possible way for him to re-enlist.


I think that is just George stuff.
Kevin Mckidd is going to act his character on next season.
his interview lately told us like that. George is going to be a military doctor.
this rumor have been long time ago. but this stuff don't make sense. Owen's PTSD is terrible.
and~ George will go to Army?
this show have told us the War is terrible through Owen's PTSD.
haven't it? I don't want George to go the Army. stay this show. ------------------------------ English is very difficult language for me.


Maybe Izzie survives and decides to enlist! lol


I will never believe that T.R. is horrible on set. I will never believe that he thinks he's too important to attend something. I will never believe that T.R. is arrogant or cocky. I will believe that T.R. is a complete joy to work with on set, especially after hearing it from Chyler Leigh, Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, and everyone else. I will believe that T.R. is being treated unfairly. I will believe that he wasn't at the stupid 100th photo shoot because he was giving out a GLAAD Award. I will believe that he is humble, respectful, funny, talented and a beautiful person. People that trash talk him disgust me. I know he's a celebrity and it's to be expected, but he gets more trash talk than anyone else on the show (except Katie, but that's a complete different story.) Go on ahead, fire away. Start your flame war up and tell me to get a life. I think about the worst that could be done is an Internet punch, and I doubt that'll really leave a mark.

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