Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Owen Reenlisting?

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Are Cristina and Owen over for good after last week's amazing episode, or is there a chance the couple may find itself back together despite the increasingly difficult odds?

According to E! Online's spoiler Q&A, the Grey's Anatomy fifth season finale features two characters at a military recruiting office. That's an intriguing development.

Is Owen leaving Cristina and Seattle Grace for another enlistment in the U.S. Army?! Could it instead be George leaving Seattle, with Owen with him there for support?

Share your theories on this Grey's Anatomy spoiler below!

Maj. Dr. Owen Hunt

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I think Cristina and owen will be at the recuiting office perhaps trying to find him help... or even derek with him


oh, and does anyone know where i can fine the 100th episode celebration pix? I've been looking and can't find them anywhere.


where do you get your facts? you really know your stuff. i mean think you have the most valuable/close to accurate posts on here lol
and your ideas of what will come in the future epis and season finale make so much sense.


I've read a lot of reports about T.R. Knight being very unpleasant on the set and wanting out of his contract. I even read somewhere that be booked the day off for the 100th episode party! I don't blame him for being pi$$sed cause they obviously never give him any storyline. I love George to bits, but I kind of hope he goes. I hate seeing only tiny clips of him here and there!! As they say "Go big or go home". And clearly the writers are not going to let George go big.


Part 1 and Part 2 of the finale episode air on May 24th.


I hope that Owen is not leaving!!! If has to be George enlisting ... So be it ... He is one of my least favorite characters anyhow. I love the Owen and Christina romance!!! Sandra Oh is an amazing actress - not to mention Canadian! I hope izzie lives, but who knows! As much as it may be too soon a merdee wedding would be awesome


when is the season fanaly?! you gotta know that before you answer this! i don't think Owen will be leaving! but i don't know about T.R. i hope he won't be leaving! i REALLY hope not! those two were such a sexy couple! they were like my 2nd on my list of sexy couples! of cource my MerDer were first! but reallu, they were hot! i hope he stays!


I love patrick dempsey!!!
Okay, I know it's a bit random - I just saw someone's profile pic of him, and I wanted to get that out there.
Anyways, I don't want any of them (including Katherine Heigl) to leave! They're all a part of the show, and personally, I think it should be illegal to leave a show before you're contract is up.
Well, maybe not illegal...but they shouldn't be allowed to do it.
Besides, poor Cristina could use someone :)


If owen was honorably discharged, then I don't think that he would be able to reenlist. So it would either have to be George or another chracter, in my opinion.


Oh and one more thing, I DO think that it is going to be george that enlists in the army. Yes I can see him getting through basic training, if he is determined enough he can do anything just like anyone else. However, I really don't want him to leave. Can they really afford to lose Izzie and George. They BOTH have such a huge fan base....I know that Izzie is my favorite character, and while I will still watch I know it won't be the same....

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