Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Proposal Still On, We Swear

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Despite yet another setback delaying the Derek-Meredith engagement, Zap2it's Korbi Ghosh insists that McDreamy will bounce back and pop the question:

Q: That Derek-Meredith scene on last week's Grey's Anatomy? Did NOT like it. I knew the show would never let the proposal actually happen. What the hell!

A: I like your passion, but Derek will propose. Soon. I promise.

What did you think of the Grey's Anatomy scene in question? How long will it take for Derek to actually propose to Meredith? How should he go about doing it?

Just Leave, Meredith!

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i saw a part for next week (elavator love letter) and he gives her the ring. he is going to propose on that episode...if he didnt propose soon i was about to kick his BUTT! if he dosnt propose then, then is guess he will propose after that because they're get married at the end of the season....if you dont belive me then go on youtube and seach "the veiw with patrick demsey" and he tells you!Theres your awnser Carla! I also heard owen chokes christina but callie walks in and stops him before she dies! Life saver!! We LOVE you Callie!


Derek needs to propose already. They are so cute together. They are having us wait so long.


I'm sad that izzie is gonna die and as much as I want her and alex to live happily ever after I want mer and der to get married :)


That picture breaks me :( He looks so broken and, I don't think Mer left. Maybe she just went back to her car and decided to stay and find that ring! I agree with the person that said that she should put it in the table outside the trailer for Derek to find it and really regret it. That'd be nice. The engagement is going to happen. It was talked about in the podcast (as that, the engagement and the engagement only happens if Mer says yes and apparently, she will) and in PD's interview in The View - as the proposal but others have confirmed it. So it's on. As much as I wish the wedding was MerDer, I'm starting to think that's not going to be it. Sad. By some reason I don't want Alex and Izzie to get married while Izzie is still sick. Maybe when she goes in remission or if she is really going to die. I stand behind my statement: MerDer should elope! To the Caribbean that is... I always thought that Mer was going to end up pregnant first than married but I would love to see these two married before the McBaby. Actually, I don't care as long as they are together and healed and out of the frat house. :D

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