Kings Spoilers: Macaulay Culkin is Coming

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While it may have been known for months that Macaulay Culkin is coming to NBC's Kings (just check IMDB even), they definitely mentioned his character last week and we wanted to highlight it.

Macaulay Culkin was previously listed as an unknown character on sites such as IMDB, but this clever editor has figured out that Culkin will play William's son, Andrew, who was previously exiled, as was mentioned last episode.

That would make Andrew the King's nephew as well as Jack's cousin.  Can't wait to see what trouble this fun character who's on for a multi-episode arc will present.  Just don't leave him home alone in the castle.

Macaulay Culkin

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Love your blog. Found you through Lindsay.I hate CNN too. The other day, they had one of their anomrchen pretend to be a guy on the run and "caught on tape" how dogs can tract a human scent. CNN really lost me though, when Darrin Kagin (sp?) started wearing a short skirt and had half her leg up on the table. And when they used headlines like "Kerik Kerfluffle" and "Extreme Makeover" (story on Viktor Yushchenko)

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