Lost Clips: "He's Our You"

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On Lost tonight, the tables have turn for poor Sayid as he's about to be the torturee for once.  In the following clip from tonight's episode, "He's Our You," Sawyer brings Sayid in to the new him... the torturer:

[video url="/videos/hes-our-you-clip-1/" title="He's Our You Clip 1"][/video]

In the next two Lost clips, which are after the jump, Sawyer explains to Sayid why he's doing what he's doing and a young Ben goes to talk to Sayid.

[video url="/videos/hes-our-you-clip-2/" title="He's Our You Clip 2"][/video]

[video url="/videos/hes-our-you-clip-3/" title="He's Our You Clip 3"][/video]

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