Spotted: Chuck and Georgina!

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Spotted in NYC: Georgina Sparks talking to Chuck Bass!

As you well know by now, Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays the deliciously evil Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, is returning to the hit series before you know it.

She comes back April 27 and will be on the last four episodes of the current Season Two. New episodes return a week from Monday with "The Age of Dissonance."

The photo below, which was actually taken back on February 24 with Ed Westwick (who plays bad boy Chuck), was taken on location on New York’s Staten Island.

Chuck and Georgina

No word on what exactly this duo will be up to when Sparks flies back to town, but is there any doubt that she has something up her designer sleeve?

When we last saw her, G had been shipped off to reform school after drugging and blackmailing former BFF Serena and trying to steal her boyfriend Dan.

Whatever it is, Georgina and Chuck together in the same place for any reason spells nothing but trouble. The Upper East Side’s Queen B better watch out.

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i hope georgina is with nate because i love her and nate


georgina and chuck. hahaha. chuck's mental.


I HATE that actress, pitiful excuse for talent


gorgina is cool, she is so pretty. and she causes trouble, but remember blair kicked her down at the end of season one--i hope she doesn't want revenge to blair!! but i think she is brainwashed and some religion now, so maybe she will be all nice and help


hehe The look on his face is like WTF? hehe


omg! that's what i've been waiting for! Georgina is one of my fovaourite characters and i can't wait for her to return :D
and dan & Georgie wouldn't make a good couple... he only hooked up with her because he thought she was someone else^^
if Derena is really done, i don't think he'll get Georgina sparks as girlfriend! I mean c'mon she's upper east side and he's... dan!


I love it! Georgina and Chuck should hook up or something. They do have a history together. :P


I actually rememeber that there was a spoiler some time ago (a true one, I can't remember if it was Kristin ausiello or Kirbi) that Georgina will help in saving Serena from her life threating situation, and she has nothing to do with Chair. Actually, if I put this picture together plus the shots of Chuck and Blair taking pictures of someone at night I have a feeling that Chuck meets Georgie by chance, and than decides to enroll her in his and Blair's plan to help Serena. I'm pretty sure everyone, including Michelle herself, confirmed that, at least for the moment, Georgina is a reformed character. But I agree she could be interesting as a love interest for Dan now that he and Serena broke up for good.


something fishy...
we all know we hated G,but her coming back is something that should be good and evil at the same time.its weird that both the antagonist words fits G perfectly. i think i'll enjoy her return as long as G didnt mess up with C and B. i dunno why,but i always love it whenever chuck doing his 'confuse+wtf' face. its hillarious and cute. Chair forever!


Blate 4ever.

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