90210 Poster: Anything Can Happen on Prom Night

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We already know this season of 90210 will end with the West Beverly prom.

But what will go down on this magical evening? That's a lot harder to predict. Especially after glancing at a new poster for the show.

Prom Poster

The words below the kissing couple are a bit blurry, but they read:

A first kiss... A second chance... A last goodbye. Anything can happen on prom night.

And is that Silver practically gnawing the face off of Ethan?!?

Consider us intrigued!

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ethannnnnnnnnnn :'(:'(,
how dare u leaving ?!
& u denied annie to " NOT 2 HAVE SEX "?!
what is wrong with u ?!
& season 2 ur not coming back ?!
( well, it's up 2 u but
hello!!!! first & last sex with annie )
awwwwwwww! annie
god! someone help me, please don't let
ethan out of the show..
without him.. is just not
The Perfect 90210 anymore :'(,
the only thing that i watch 90210,
is because Annie & Ethan
and Silver & Dixon
& plus Liam ( he's kind of hot but an ass )



Guys! I think they make this poster, telling that Dustin Milligan
is not leaving 90210, I think 0_o..
I ♥ Annie & Dustin
Silver & Dixon

Sarah h

So, judging from last nights episode when silver and ethan were talking in the hall way... The islands and the bridges he was talking about him and silver I think because, didn't you see his face when she was like I have not been doing my part with Dixon. Wonder what Ethan has up his sleeve hmmmmmm


Take a chill pill, chicks. Geez, they're dating in real life, so what's the big deal seeing them hook up here before Ethan bites the big one? Uh, Dixon was so ready to diss the mental case, anyway, so please don't paint them as the "sterling couple" of 90210. Sheesh. Have you never heard of drama or storylines? Is it so hard to fathom that two outcasts like Silver and Ethan would really find each other? Sometimes I wonder what planet these fans come from.


Chair for life!!!!!!! dixer for life!!!! (dixon and silver) im more GG fan, but i love chuck and blair 2gether. same as silver and dixon!


OMG EW . iheard about this before, but seeing a picture of them kissing is just weird.
like why would silver do that when she knows about annie and him?
andsecond, annie/ethan and dixon/silver are meant for each other. im so glad hes gona next season, we wont have to see them


I saw this coming. They date in real life too so its quite inevitable that they would at least share a kiss.


There is one thing I'm confused about. I thought Dustin Milligan was pretty much wrapping up his storyline on 90210 so this isn't really going to be start of something, is it? Are they just doing this to break Dixon/Silver up and try to create a rift between Annie/Silver?


i dunno guys im a huge GG fan and i think this could be a blair and chuck coming along bestfriend with the girlfriend i think its definetly hot!!!


I agree with L Sliver and Dixon forever!

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