90210 Poster: Anything Can Happen on Prom Night

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We already know this season of 90210 will end with the West Beverly prom.

But what will go down on this magical evening? That's a lot harder to predict. Especially after glancing at a new poster for the show.

Prom Poster

The words below the kissing couple are a bit blurry, but they read:

A first kiss... A second chance... A last goodbye. Anything can happen on prom night.

And is that Silver practically gnawing the face off of Ethan?!?

Consider us intrigued!

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No! I refuse to watch this. Dixon & Silver are like my Chuck & Blair - MEANT TO BE! I dislike Ethan a lot. This is digusting. My favourite female character with my most hated male character. (No offence to Ethan/Silver fans)


why people why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare you SOBs do that to the best couple on that show, i am going to petition on this!!


i think they look pretty hot together


why ewwwwwwwwww ethan nd silver 2gether r disgusting


poor dixon !


WOW!! that is crazy. that is all i have to say.


oh god.
why writers??

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.