A Male Character to Die on Heroes

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Someone dies next week on Heroes.

Reportedly, this is an actual death, one that truly sticks.

So, who will it be?

Sources confirm to E! Online that the character is male and is "someone you've definitely come to know quite well since season one."

In many ways, the article states, the killer also perishes. Viewers will need to wait until next week to understand what that means.

Checking the Scene

Might HRG or Mohinder bite the proverbial bullet? Let us know who you think will die next week!

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i hate the season finale... sylar being nathan... the heck! what happened bout claire's blood can cure people... she's done it in the past she revived noah by putting or dropping some of her blood... fcuk! heroes writters!


The Writers say they have the best Hiro storyline next season so it cant be him. Nathan is to predictable and the killer Sylar (Heroes cant afford to lose him). I think Danko will kill Ando cos he has been on since season 1. But.... in the promo Angela is screaming as if one of her boys were killed. Hope Peter and Nathan dont die. Dont really care for Suresh or Matt anymore.


Few things - if you're looking for a blooper, check out the scene where Hiro and Ando are in the truck heading for building 26 - after Hiro freezes time and pulls the drug line from Ando's nose, he puts his hood back on, only he doesn't pull it over his nose, in the next frame it is covering his nose and in the third frame it is not covering his nose again...oops... As to who dies - I think it is Nathan who dies but I also think that Parkman does a "whammy" on Sylar and makes him forget lots of his powers. It is the only thing I can think of that satisfies the whole "In some ways the killer dies too" line. As for Djanko - perhaps Sylar offs him for stabbing him in the head. Also note that Sylar is pretty pissed off with Djanko at the moment for continually making him into the "nobody" that is agent Taub. Then with Djanko gone and the President realizing that there are some Heroes actually trying to help, the whole Building 26 thing gets dissolved and a new "Company" is formed to begin tracking people with special abilities - hence "Redemption".


HRG or Nathan. I want Micah to die though.


http://www.heroesrevealed.com/... now that really makes the thinking cap come on


It will be H.R.G because, we know how he became clair's "father". We know how he started in the company. We know why he joined the company in the first place. Clair is becoming a woman so she really doesn't need a guardian around anymore. His marriage is over. We know all his secrets. His Character has reached it's end point. Alot of people will learn from his death especially clair and it will alow her to grow as a charcter as well in the next volume. mohinder still plays a big part in the story. They just gave him super strengh.It's thin about his father that he did know like his father being on that came in 1961, so its alot more to explore with that so mohinder in away is trying to redem himself which goes towards volume five redemption. So yeah H.R.G is more likely to go. Nathan can get killed off I mean this dude been treating brother badly. he turn on his kind. Sylar can turn into him so that would defeat the purpose of killing off a character, because another Character Sylar will be play "nathan". So nathan will not be killed. He still has to get to Clair, he has redem himself for all the things that he has done and rebuild all his relationship epecially with Peter. So yeah H.R.G. will be missed. Plus in the spoiler one of the charcters kills another Character. So it will probably be a situation with matt parkmen, H.R.G, and the hunter. There guns envolved Parkmen doesn't really seem like a killer type but H.r.G is so he shoots The hunter and the hunter shoots him and bang its over for both of them. Peter is not going anywhere his Character has alot of growing to do. He has to regain his powers, he has to become more of leader, and he is one of the most popular characters on the show so if he get killed the show is pretty much done and he is linked to to many people on the show. He is also the yin to Sylar's yang


He knew he can shapeshift he asked how he got the ability that's all but at first I thought tha same thing as you like WTF didn't he see him shape shit already but he also might of thought it was an illusion Idk it's wierd


Sorry posted under the wrong article... oops


LOVED this episode! Always loved the movie "Psycho" and love Sylar of course, so the Norman Bates stuff was classic. Zach Quinto is an amazing actor - only he could ever be Sylar. My mother picked up on a big blooper though when we watched it the second time last night: Micah saw Sylar shape-shift into him to let Micah get away. Later Micah saw Sylar turn into Virginia and back again and exclaimed "You can shape-shift! How do you do that?"... Any ideas? Maybe i'm misinterpreting his suprise?

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