Blake Lively: Beautiful at 21

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Earlier, we wrote about how up-and-coming Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen was named to People magazine's annual Most Beautiful people list. Well, gorgeous co-star Blake Lively was also included in the issue's "Beautiful at Any Age" feature!

Sandwiched between Vanessa Hudgens (20) and Megan Fox (22), Blake was the publication's 21-year-old representative. Clearly, she's a worthy one ...

Blake Lively: Beautiful at 21

Her onscreen alter-ego, Serena van der Woodsen, may thrive on the glitz and glamour that the New York City nightlife offers, but in real life, the Los Angeles native and Gossip Girl star likes to keep things a little more low-key.

"I don't really like to go out," Blake Lively recently told W magazine. "I'll go listen to live jazz, but the club scene just isn't so fun for me."

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I agree with people before me that say beauty is a trivial thing - they are all beautiful in their own way, and i don't understand the sick obsession girls have with pinning Blake and Leighton up against each other, going as far as insulting the fans of the opposite girl. Can't they both be beautiful? Can't we congratulate Blake on making the list, instead of downgrading the achievement? I don't see you girls making the "not impressive" list. And in response to "b", Blake didn't "pay" for the cover of vogue. I'm not really sure what fashion industry you are in that you are drawing that conclusion, but Vogue is a very well respected publication, that i admit has become commercialize, but then what magazine these days hasn't?
Can't we all love each other? We all love the show, surely that can bring us together :) And in response to Blake being called "full-figured" or a "tranny mess", you are really downgrading other women and their view of beauty. I know if Blake is being called fat and a transvestite, I feel like I need to go on weight watchers and invest in a quick face lift.


i agree with "blairessce" also "chairisthebest" i know blake was on the website but not in the mag, which doesn't make any sense


Can you stop putting Leighton and Blake up against each other? It's so annoying! They're both gorgeous in different ways and anyway I personally think Jess is prettiest out of them all! Stop bashing them, because they're both equally beautiful!


Leighton should have been on the list also. Blake is pretty but I don't consider her 'beautiful'. She's more popular because she's done more movies and her dad is a director. The list is bullsh*t anyway. We all know Leighton and Jessica are both gorgeous.


Rory- Lols Blake does look like the wayan bros in White Chicks lol. I never noticed it but now i do lol


She does look ridiculous on it. Blake looks like a tranny mess. Im sorry. And for the record just because i dont agree with your opinion blake fans doesnt mean im such a little girl. I am 20 years old okay. Its just my opinion and Leightons been on alot of other covers too okay gosh i just mentioned the US magazine. You're the ones who need to get a life instead of insulting me and thinking you have the so called right to tell me my damn age. grow up its not that big of a deal it was just my opinion.


I'm in fashion industry and I have to say Vogue is just full of shit. Its cover has been so commercial. When there's big budget movie coming out, you'll see its leading lady on the cover. No more real model who can actually post and doesn't look stupid. CW definitely paid for Blake cover, trust me. And she looked ridiculous on it.


no question about blake and taylor being there...but anne hathaway (she looks kinda freaky with all that oversized features) and all 90210 girls..and no heidi klum, nicole kidman, gwyneth paltrow or kate! seriously?!they might as well include heidi montag in there... it's ok that leighton was's not a very impressive list if you ask me.. and for one..all of those saying that leight's looks is just normal..kinda wonder what you all look like..or even if you already saw her in person to make such comments.. and to isabella...yes our eyes our wide open that's why we're wondering why all the classic beauties were left out...


I hope Leighton's fans can open their eyes ,there are so many girls better than leighton in the world ,IN GG,blake ,taylor ,lily(forget her name) ,each one is much much much much better than leighton .She is normal ,simply normal


come on ,leighton is normal without GG,why her fans so crazy?
Blake is more beautiful than her ,they are not in a level .


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