Bryan Fuller Spills Season Finale Secrets

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In a new interview, writer/producer Bryan Fuller dished on next week's Heroes season finale.

Speaking to TV Addict, here's what Fuller had to say about it:

After you watch it, I think fans will see the finale as a very logical extension of the “Fugitives” arc and agree that it’s the best finale the show has ever had. Sylar kills a hero, and kills him good, but gets some good comeuppance too. We [the writers room] broke it painstakingly in the room over two weeks, it took a long time to break because we were trying to figure out how do we earn all of this stuff and how do we set up the necessary arcs for the next season and I think we did a good job.

Who do you think Sylar will kill?!?

Wannabe Nathan

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As long as Sylar isnt killed happy. I hope Zachary Quintos in the next volume, Heroes wouldnt be the same


Supremus What they said 3 people would die, two real one fake out. Daphne obviously as gone to the floating running track in the sky, tracy winked and so is coming back, leaving just ONE death left. After all this hype, I really hope its not Nathan, just too obvious


Nathan and H.R.G will die. Sylar in the future will call his son Noah!
Someone said that three heroes will die this season. Daphne is already dead, HRG and Nathan are the next.
Someone said that in season 4 Nathan appear differently.


HRG is a hero. He just isn't a hero with abilities. Just like Ando before he got charged.


@People pointing at H.R.G: he's not a hero. So he's ruled out. I also don't believe Sylar saying "Claire will be so mad at me." has anything to do with his kill. For some reason I think it will be in a whole different context. Sylar also has a "proposition" for her. Sylar killing any hero close to Claire (Nathan, Peter, Alex, and I'll include HRG even if he's not a hero) would work against that. Unless he manages to make her believe the guy is still alive by impersonating him?


I believe that as an obvious choice it all goes down as Nathan. Mom crying, sylar saying Claire will be upset with me and Nathan has to confront him but something is telling me that the producers are might not go to obvious in showing us that nathan dies. I'll go extreme to everyone and instead of saying Nathan, Noah or Micah I will say Peter is the one who dies. It makes sence with Angela crying, also makes sense with what Sylar says cause Peter is close to claire also. Peter is still upset with his brother and he already has a scar in his face so this could be the heroic brother I forgive you and comes to save him. He has the ability of borrowing powers. Nathan flying has no chance to give a huge battle with Sylar, is like a frog eating a mosquito. while Peter could find a way to borrow sylar's powers and battle against each other. Does this makes sence?


Its going to be HRG or both of Claires mother and Brother. Nathan is too obvious...only in the alternate future Sylar did kill Nathan. Hmmm...Kills a Hero. Mother Petrelli?


The death in the season finale has to be HRG. I love the guy, but he's been aimless since the beginning of vol.4. 1st season he rocked, 2nd he was cool and dark. Vol.3- not so much, he could have just shot sylar in the back of the head and been done with him. his character serves no point other than to be used as a tool by Angela or Claire. It sucks to say this, but he's got to die. How else will Claire grow if her protective father is always holding her hand. His death will force her to become a stronger character. Claire should be the one to kill Sylar or at least hurt him badly. and Season 4 could focus on her role as a company agent who is morally gray, just like her daddy.


hmmm... i dont want it to be nathan, and it seems almost too obvious, but they said that about micah/rebel... so who knows?


I think this is the episode we will all remember heroes by, and this will be the episode that will make NBC regret canceling heroes if they ever decide to do so. I completely agree with george99 (2 comments above).
Although, since Noah dying does not explain Angela screaming like crazy in the Sprint Sneak Preview, it pretty much has to be Nathan.

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