Charm School With Ricki Lake: Meet the Cast!

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The third season of Charm School is almost in session. With Ricki Lake as the host, it premieres on VH1 on Monday, May 11.

Ready to meet the latest series of students?

Charm School Cast Pic

This edition features "ladies" from Real Chance of Love and Rock of Love Bus. Click on the photos below to see just who's enrolled in Charm School this season...

  • Bay Bay Bay
  • Bubbles
  • Ki Ki
  • Risky
  • So Hood
  • Ashley Photo
  • Beverly
  • Brittaney Pic
  • Brittanya Photo
  • Farrah
  • Gia Photo
  • Marcia
  • Natasha

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Risky won. I was very disappointed that Bubbles did not have that chance to win, but if any of the three finalists desevere to win it was Risky. I was so touched by her story at the end of the show, and it broke my heart to hear what she went through. I wish Risky, I mean Ebony luck. I will be praying for her.


I can not wait for the final episode. I like Marcia and Risky, but I do not care for Ashley. Even though Ashley is gotten a lot better, I still think she is mean. I don't know who will win, but I'm hoping it is either Marcia or Risky. I was so sad to see Bubbles go, and Bay Bay Bay. I will have to see what happens.


I can not believe Ashley's UGLY, RUDE , WHITE HILLBILLY TRASDY ASS IS STILL ON THE SHOW! If she wins I know for sure it was rigged, I know Ricki Lake knows everything that goes on in that house and ALL ASHLEY is in it for is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, I was appalled when Bubbles was let go and not Ashley!!!!!


The witch is gone. I'm so glad the Britteya has left the show. I felt like she should of been gone a long time ago. Now it is down to the final three. I certainly hope that Ashley does not win. I feel like she is pretending to change to win the money. I hope that it is either Marcia or Risky that wins, but especially Risky. I think that she is the most truthful of all of them.


Bring Bubbles back!!!!!!!!! The rest of the girls do not need Charm school! I have a gift of discerning spirits and Bubbles should be the one to win. I want to see her to be tough and speak her mind and we all want to watch her to grow. She will be famous one day.
Did you see how tough it is for Bubbles to give the pin to Rikki Lake!!! of course it wasn`t meant to be. If Micheal Jackson was the principal, He would chose Bubbles just like his chimp! ha


if it was Sharon Obscorne, She would have kick Ashley out of charm school alonng time ago. She doesnt put up with crap. She`s one smart tough principal and can see through the girl`s hearts. Rikki lake is more merciful and believe in them which i like sbout her but needs to toughen up now especially the last final four left.


i think Bubbles should win at the end even thought shes a little airhead but she came along way and can learn to develop assertives skills and become a better person to speak her mind. I think Rikki Lake made a huge mistake for letting Bubbles go and let Ashley stay. I think Rikki is hoping Ashley to change. She would never change. She has a long way to go!!!!! more thsn Bubbles. Ashley is s good actress! I can smell her. when she wins the money ans she wil revert to old ways Rikki lake would look like a fool. Risky, Marcia,Brittanya are neck to neck for now. Ashley must go!!!! Bring Bubbles backkk like you did with KiKi and KO. Bubbles has alot of potential more than u think!
Stacey from Indiana


rikki is stupid they need someone else to do the show because she has no clue former fatso! dose she not see what is going on ahlshley is playing her,ashley will allways be a bitch and never change and stay a dirty stripper (where is her son now?)!! I think lala should have been the head dean the show would have been a lot better I think!


Ashley is a straight up Bitch! She constantly makes excuses and hasn't fully recognized how inconsiderate she is. Bubbles should have stayed instead of her. Bubbles needs help also. She has low self-esteem and confidence. Rikki Lake is slowly but surely making the wrong decisions. Brittanya is also so so so imprudent she sought help for her financial benefit. Ashley and Brittanya are the WORST mothers. Risky cannot win. She is unabled to unravel herself. Marcia has sincerly make monumental changes she shouldn't rest on the fact that she doesn' drink anymore she needs to develop more. She needs to aim for the reason she is a alcoholic.


I was so sad to see that Bubbles was eliminated, but I had a feeling it was going to happen. I would of loved to see her win the money, but Ricki is right. The rest of them that are left need more help than Bubbles. Now I'm hoping that either Marcia or Risky wins. I feel like that they are the two that are more down to earth, and I love them both. I feel like Ashley is a witch, and Brittnya, well I think that she is just pretending to change to win the money. I think that Marcia and Risky are trying to change, and I wish them both luck.