Dylan McKay, 2.0? 90210 Stars Hints at Darker Side

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Since before he arrived on 90210, Matt Lanter (Liam) was billed by The CW as the "new Dylan McKay."

Lofty standards to live up.

Over the next few 90210 episodes, though, it looks like the character will truly let out his inner bad boy. 

"Liam takes out Ethan to a camping trip. Ethan's trying to find himself and Liam encourages that from people, trying to find what's deep inside. He gets Ethan into some trouble. Liam's presence is being felt in a pretty major way," Lanter said to E! Online.

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Moreover, look for Liam's new romance with Naomi to hit a rough patch.

"By the end of the season, there's going to be some major drama with [Naomi] and her sister and possibly Annie. There's some problem with her sister. She comes in and she definitely makes things tough in 90210. People are definitely going to be angry and betrayed.

For more from Lanter, check out TV Fanatic's exclusive interview with the actor.

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Damn it he is such a jackass. Naomi is trying so hard to get to know him and he wont let her. the poor girl doesn't even know how to act around him because he drives her CRAZY! and Annie I hate the bitch. and if she hooks up with Liam will prove her to be the slut that that I think she is.I really do hope writters choose to redeem her instead of having her come between Naomi and another guys she likes. Let's hope Annie chooses her budding friendship with Naomi over some boy.


liam is soooooooo sexy. gosh him and naomi are so hot. he better not be hooking up with annie, worst character.


awwww i liked liam :(

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.