Ellen Pompeo Teases Grey's Anatomy Wedding

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Sans scrubs, Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and her husband, Chris Ivery, paid a visit to the Children's Hospital in her native Boston on March 31.

The Everett, Mass., native, who attended the hospital's Women in Medicine Luncheon today, spent a ton of time talking to patients and their parents.

Ellen Pompeo impressed us not only with her easy beside manner but also her knowledge of medicine. "It's from my job," said the TV doctor.

"They do so much to make that part of it authentic."

Enormous basketball fans that they are, Pompeo and Chris Ivery were in their usual spots, front and center at the Celtics game on Sunday.

"I love the Celtics, but we love NBA basketball," she said.

"When we travel we go see games. The only thing I have to be that loyal to is my husband, everything else I can have more than one."

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ivery

Asked about Katherine Heigl's recent comment about Meredith and Derek getting married - on the show's 100th episode, no less - Pompeo grinned and said:

"There's a wedding ... There's a setting that's a wedding, that's all I can say right now. I can't say who gets married. We're still working on the episode."

The actress told the Boston Globe she's thankful for the show's longevity, and credited the loyal fans of Grey's Anatomy for the show's continued success.

"Sometimes it seems like a long time and other times, I think, 'Wow, where did the five years go?' It's a lot like life and I've learned to think that way - to appreciate that it's going by quickly ... Our fans are the real reason we're on the air. They are so supportive."

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I love Merredith & McDreamy, I hope it is them that getting married cause it is about time and with Meredith pregnant now I hope they include that in the script as she being pregnant for McDreamy. I'm just loving every single bit of it! I truly a Grey's Anantomy freak! Lol.


Seriously, it's Izzie and Alex. I'd even go so far as to guess that Meredith and Derek are going along with Izzie's plans so that she gets to design the wedding of her dreams. And then, on the big day, they tell her that the wedding is for her. It's the classic Grey's bait and switch.


I still think Owen and Cristina get married and he and George go off to war.


I think Lexi will be getting married not Meredith anyone agree?


i love patrick dempsey and ellen pompeo. i am from sweden and a love grey,s anatomy.!!!!!!!!


Excellent Ellen Pompeo!!! I adore her!!!She has class and grandeur!!!! MerDer have to get married!!!!We need it!! And get rid of Lexie!!!


its izzie and alex who are gettin married.


And she's definitely NOT pregnant (at least not in this photo).


@ greysaddiction
I couldn't have said it better. Love Ellen Pompeo!!

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