Gossip Girl Caption Contest 46

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Another week, another difficult decision for our staff. Thanks to everyone that sent in an entry for this edition of the Gossip Girl Caption Contest.

As always, though, we can only select one winner - and that honor goes to Lamlam this week, as that user perfectly captured Vanessa's expression in the accompanying photo, as well as her penchant for simply getting in the way.

Scroll down to browse through all submissions. Thank you again for playing and remember to do so every week!

Vanessa Pic

So, I have ruined Dan, Nate, and finally Chuck. Who's next? Eric or Rufus?????

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that choice is pretty bad- she hasn't ruined anybody- the extreme hater comments should not be considered. there were a lot of funny ones out there instead.


That caption was not good. First of all, she didn't ruin Dan. Also, the caption itself was sooo generic. Everyone thought of it, but it's so boring, that no one bothered to use it. Not even creative. Idk, there were some REALLY good ones last week- this one excluded. Oh well.


vanessa thinking: chuck has his signature scarf and rainbow colored bowties, blair and her headbands, nate and his manbangs, jenny with racoon eyes, serena and her 6ft long legs, dan and his yammering...hmmm..what do i have???


I agree with LovelyLeah about givemyloaf's. I also like the ones on the second page.


Haha, I love Givememyloaf's. It's so clever, and so true. Even though I kinduh hate Vanessa... But hers/his is definately my favorite


woops sorry i meant: Vanessa: So they finally decide that I'm a major enough character to have my own caption


Vanessa: So they finally decide that I'm a major enough for me have to my own caption contest


Blow me you stupid skank! I wouldn't even let you eat the corn out of my shit you fugly bitch!


Vanessa: Hello doctor.
doctor: Miss. Vanessa, I've got your test back...
Vanessa: Yes...?
doctor: Your pregnant with Mr. Bass's child
Vanessa: Oh shit...
doctor: Vanessa? Vanessa?
beep beep beep


hey bvereeter, sotp proving what a dumb bitch you are and crawl under a rock and die

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