Gossip Girl Spoilers: More Finale Scoop

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This scan from the print edition of TV Guide was sent in to us by a reader, and gives us an idea of what we might expect on the Gossip Girl season finale May 18.

Stephanie Savage's response to the question below makes it pretty clear how things are going to end up in one respect, right? As for Serena vs. Gossip Girl ...

All bets are off there. Read below and see what you think:

Gossip Girl Graduation Pic

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Beautiful site!


Perfect work!




I feel so emotional seeing that grad pic as though I'm a mother watching my child graduating and growing up even though they're older than me. lol.
It's so sad that they're going to have separate lives now. They didn't even have much bonding time together!
I think in season 3, they should start off with the gang spending some time together and having fun before going off to their own fates. Gossip Girl needs to liven it up! They're teens for heaven's sake! They should be wild! They should be having the time of their lives! They should be running down the streets naked! (Okay, maybe not that...)
Oh! and they should bring Dan along with them. And Vanessa! so they could push her off a cliff or get her eaten by bears.
That'll be one heck of an episode. ;D


I don't know if this is going to be as great if they go off too college, shows like this tend to tank when they separate and go to college, example, Dawson's Creek, The OC(actually was doomed after the 2nd season lol, One Tree Hill( which i never really watched). But im going to stay tuned to see how they keep the show alive.


umm "ilovebassboy x" i don't want 2 sound bitchy but i think u mean 3 works 8 letters not 10..


I trully can't wait! Chuck saying I love you, B&C together... It's gonna be a dream finale. At least I hope so:)


can't wait for chair too!! :)


aww... i cant bear looking at graduation episodes.. they always get me so teary.. CHAIR! looking forward to seeing chuck with grad gown lol.


OMFG so happy i'm CB since like ever
I feel that this is the only way to conclude the season because it started with Blair asking him to say it in the first episode and it will conclude with Chuck saying it back; I'm sorry to say Nair fans did not have a chance

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