Gossip Girl Spoilers: Stephanie Savage Q&A

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As we know, Gossip Girl is back after a long hiatus. Zap2it's Korbi Ghosh has a Q&A with executive producer Stephanie Savage that should help whet our collective appetites for Monday evening's "Seder Anything" and the rest of the season.

How closely to the producers follow the books? Will we see old romances rekindled, or more new ones going forward? Would Dan and Blair (!) ever hook up?

Let's have at all this and more, then comment below ...

Q: Everyone's all about Chuck-Blair or Blair-Nate. What about Jenny and Nate? I thought they were great together. Will we ever see them reunited?

A: Sounds like it. Just not anytime soon: "Nate and Jenny is actually a big story in the books and we sort of dipped our toe into that pool a few times. As they get older and start to feel the same age, that is definitely material I think we can revisit."

Vanessa Close Up
Chace Crawford and ...
Bundled Up Dorota

Vanessa's future, Nate and Jenny's strange relationship, and the awesomeness that is Dorota are just several of many Gossip Girl topics addressed by Stephanie Savage.

Q: Is Vanessa going to school next year? Will she continue her education?

A: We'll have to wait and see, but Savage said, don't forget, Vanessa took her SATs.

Q: Any more major Gossip Girl deaths we should expect?

A: For now, Stephanie doesn't see that happening: "I think we have a pretty tight cast and I think we would only be interested in adding, not subtracting."

Q: More Dorota please.

A: Not to worry, Savage said they knew Dorota was a superstar straight away and will continue writing for her. Did you know the actress who plays her, Zuzanna Szadkowski, actually speaks Polish, so the producers decide what they want Dorota to say and then rely on Zuzanna to translate it for her lines?

Q: On Gossip Girl, will Dan and Blair ever be romantically involved?

A: The producers aren't opposed to it. When questioned about a Dan-Blair pairing, Stephanie said, "There are only so many characters on our show, so everyone needs to be open to being with everyone at some point."

Q: Have the Gossip Girl producers read all the Gossip Girl books?

A: Savage says they read most of the books. And they got familiar with the stories in the ones they skipped by studying summaries. As fans of both the books and the show already know though, the producers are on their own path: "A lot of the stories we’re telling are not in the books whatsoever - the whole Chuck and Blair romance [for example] - so there’s not a lot of material we can draw on. [The show] has to grow and expand and be its own thing."

Q: There's no way all the Gossip Girl kids would end up staying in NYC after high school graduation. Please tell me that's not going to happen.

A: I read this question to Stephanie and she responded by saying, "Well, New York is a pretty big city." Still, Savage ensures there will for sure be changes: "It really is kind of a major - and I think very exciting - reconfiguration of the show, to leave high school behind and to allow all of our characters to reinvent themselves outside of that construct. They'll [discover] what it means to kind of be a part of the bigger world, so you can expect to see new couples, new family configurations, people living in different places than you last saw them. We’re having a lot of fun thinking about that... keep everything that everyone loves [about Gossip Girl], but also really kind of move everyone forward as well."

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I would love DAIR to team up. And SERENATE, my fave couple to stay together.


Id love to see Dan and Blair together sometime! I love Serena and Dan, but watching all the Dair fan vids on YT has totally made me a fan! Love both pairings!

Baby doll

Ewww on NJ.
I'm intrigued by db, sounds interisting.


I think tht dan and blair should be togethr to make serena jealous. I mean she sees the guy she is in love with, with her best friend. But i think two or three episodes with d an b would be cute but in the end Derena all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think tht dan and blair should be togethr to make serena jealous. I mean she sees the guy she is in love with, with her best friend. But i think two or three episodes with d an b would be cute but in the end Derena all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair loves nate always have  always will

lucy's right go team NAIR!! woohoo!:)) everybody in our school LOVES blair and nate together FOREVER!! yea dan and blair sounds great too but blair and nate are the best couple. and blair belongs to nate not to chuck!!. besides chuck bass is such an ass to blair. he doesn't treat her well. i don't feel any romance between them they just always hook up and after they hook up what? they will be separated again GOSH im tired of it, its becoming annoying. chuck is better as a playboy he's more fun to watch.


yay for dorota!! she rocks!!! the gg producers should NEVER let her go. go zuzanna! whoo! about dan and blair, i think it could be interesting, but definitely not something long-term, that's too bad. blair deserves someone better...like chuck... as for the return of nate and jenny, i have to say, i'm not opposed to that idea. it could be interesting.
the main problem with their hookup was the sheer immaturity of it. they were both so silly, and it was more of lust than love.
we all see and applaud they emotional growth of the other heroines like blair...well, why not jenny?
i would like to see jenny's growing up,and being sensible as a bigger part of the show. and in that process, if she and nate meet,become friends,ad discover feelings for each other (sensible, mature and genuine feelings, mind you!), that would be nice.
i would really like to see jenny becoming a more central character on the show, and not just as the childish baby sister of dan, but as much grown up as the rest of them.


When you love someone, you don't go around sleeping with everyone else.
Chuck treats Blair like absolute crap, and Nate is SOOO much more of a gentleman.


i think Nate and serena are great together.
this is how it should be:
nate & serena
chuck & blair
and im having difficulty matching the rest :) xoxo


omgggg please chuck and blair tell me they get together!! there thee besttt :)
and serena andd dann all the wayy

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