Gossip Girl Spoilers: "The Wrath of Con" Synopsis

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In its-released synopsis for "The Wrath of Con," the May 4 episode of Gossip Girl, the CW teases that Blair (Leighton Meester) pressures Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) into making amends for her past bad behavior by helping her in a scheme.

Meanwhile, the increasingly intense rivalry between Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) over Blair comes to a head. Lily (Kelly Rutherford) hatches a secret plan to help Rufus (Matthew Settle) with Dan's (Penn Badgley) college tuition.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Hopes? Dreams? Comment away!

Sparks, Georgina

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I'm excited for the Nate and Chuck drama but I don't really mind how it turns out as long as neither of them go back with Vanessa. She really annoys me.


I'm so excited for nate and chuck's drama.. chuck and blair looks good together but i think blair is better off with nate :)


ahh. i can't wait until it comes out. i hope chuck and blair finally are together. And i hope gorgie doesn't go down in a spiral ...


OMG! i hate it! i hope they post it on the internet that day, i am dying to see it but have something to do while it is airing and i dont have any DVR or any kind of recording! I must see it though. So glad that georgina is back. everything is so stupid right now, and we get to see it get spiced up a bit. chuck and blair just have to be together. they are just meant for each other, but if that didn't work out, i could sort of imagine chuck and georgina together. evil + evil = pure evil.


oh, f, I just realized I took up a whole page. LOL. Too much reading and thinking before posting ;)
BTW, this is not meant as a personal attack in any way on you anna. I just think that shipping bias blind people to some things, that some things get overlooked. I hope I did it thoughtfully and gently enough, and get the same treatment in return if/when my own Chair bias blinds me.


anna, I'm guessing that you are a Nair fan, but that doesn't excuse you getting some things so wrong.
Blair is lost, that's for sure, but the self she is with Nate isn't all that strong. Whether, with time, she could be both strong and nice with Nate, we'll probably not find out. But she seems to be more in love with the idea of Nate - what his family, position, and future can lend to her own sorry situation, and what he meant to her in the past - than with Nate himself. I find it hard to really know what NATE's self is. I don't know if it's either poor writing on the part of the writers, or a deliberate act to make him seem rather indecisive and wishy-washy (although, to be fair, a lot of adolescence is trying to find yourself and who you want to be). It could be, as some argue (myself, sometimes), that Chace is more of a pretty face than a solid actor. GG's voiceover warns B that she may have hitched her fortunes to a falling star (after N's toast), but I think a better description may be "wandering star". B is pinning her hopes and her heart to someone who is just as lost as she is. It's no wonder that N has trouble accepting B as she is and was, her true (bitchy but strong) self. Nate doesn't know who he is, want he wants to be - he seems to be full of uncertainty and some self-loathing. I don't think that he is strong enough - either for B, or even for himself. Perhaps one day, far in the future, he could be a worthwhile partner, a real rock for B. For now he's just a pillow, a soft spot to rest her head while she heals up from so much disappointment and failed dreams. I don't see how any one could think that N makes her feel complete, not yet anyway. As to being her only love - well, you would have to be blind, and/or NEVER watch the show, to think that she did not love Chuck with her whole heart (and many of us thinks she still does).
Also, Blair in no way gave up Yale for Nate. Yale was already irreparably lost - in fact, I think her working to save Chuck from despair and suicide was the cause for her original slacking off and the resultant B-graded paper that started her own slide). I had originally thought that Yale was being offered to Blair by the Grandfather... but it turned out to only be a spot on the charity junior commitee (and in the wedding party). From Blair's own words during the episode, a large part of the attraction of Nate for her was the social benefits their reunion would bring - and that is why the concrete and immediate offer of social standing that the Grandfather dangled in front of her was so tempting.
You know, I'm rather ticked off in a way, and am a little surprised that Nair fans aren't. The Nate and Blair that are on display in these past few episodes aren't the strong individuals or pair that they could be. As soon as Nate shows some strength, it's immediately counterpointed by something else. The maturity he shows at the family reunion is marred by the callous and unfeeling way he ignores V for the week afterwards and then drops her. Good in that he doesn't want to start cheating with B behind V's back, but... it still seems so much like the way he's drifted from one girl/woman to the next all through the show. And the strength he shows giving the f- off toast to his grandfather, well, he's still willing to be fed some lines by him moments later. And he seems more willing to accept his grandfather's explanation/interpretation/spin (of both turning the Captain in, and B's deal) than allowing B to explain anything. I HATE that Nate doesn't see how Blair has changed for the better, and that he apparently never liked the old her, or seems to know or like the real her NOW.
As for Blair, it pains me to see how weak B is right now. I think it absolutely amazing how she's not reverted to her bulimic behaviour of the first season. Working so hard to save Chuck and then being rebuffed (the way he called her his "wife" breaking her heart and her resolve to stand by him in _anything_), and then slowly losing all hope of her dream of Yale! Nothing that happened to her before compares to those two events in her life. No wonder she began spiralling downward... She caught at Nate, which seemed to offer some salvation, but the B we see now is afraid to be herself, afraid to be judged, aiming for empty social status rather than achieved academic greatness... She is weak, and vulnerable, and so invested in pleasing others over herself... Well, I guess we are finally seeing B for the fragile teenager that she is... but we want the old B back... this is not the Blair I want!
So, Nair fans, how do you really think that N & B are stronger together? How do you see this as true and lasting love? History proved they didn't belong together any more, and recent events can't convince me (and most other GG fans) that they do now. I'm not expecting you to shift alliances to shipping Chair, but can you REALLY believe in Nair right now???


Haha, whenever Georgie appears you can be sure that something interesting will go down. So, yeah, I kinda like it when she comes to town. =P


why does so many people want chuck and blair to betogether?
like yeah i absoutly loved them a while ago, but chuck keeps screwing blair over, and now that it took him like a whole season to realise that he loves her, its all good? nate has been like sucha cute bf to her, and hes soooo hot (: i really hope blair chooses nate, atleats for the time beingg. and yaayy to the people who agreeeeee (: peace out xo


I think this actress looks like an alligator. I will call her alligator-face from now on. Awesomeness.


chuck should keep going out with v or go out with g. wish gabriel was a good guy, but guess he's not. dan needs a NICE GIRL. that's not serena or a teacher. just a nice, normal girl. he should go out with the server girl from the seder party.

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