Grey's Anatomy Guest Star, Wedding Update

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Circle April 30 on your calendar, Grey's Anatomy viewers. That's when a pair of parents pounce!

According to E! Online, both Thatcher Grey and Izzie's mom (guest star Sharon Lawrence, pictured) are scheduled to appear on that date's episode.

Moreover, the two men from Ellis Grey's past (the Chief and Thatcher) will finally throw down... sort of. Also, look for Robbie Stevens to come across an older version of her daughter. She'll be quite chipper, even in the face of Izzie's diagnosis.

Alex with Izzie's Mother

Meanwhile, here's an update on the major wedding news fans can't stop buzzing about:

It might not be Meredith and Derek that get married on May 7, but instead Alex and Izzie. Get those tissues ready, readers!

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OMG, TDS-- after I wrote that above post, I saw the spoiler thread in the forum! I too, hope it doesn't cause too many Alex fan VS George fan wars on the web, but I think maybe it needs to be done-- they need to fight it out, I think. And you A/I fans will get your couple in the end. I just hope Shonda & Co. don't intend to ruin George in the process. He's my favorite, you know! :)


LOL, TDS!! I know what you mean! But I'm not sure there's going to be a blow-out b/t them... all I read is that Alex freezes w/ a trauma patient and George rocks it. But I guess that could lead to a direct blow-out, considering the tension already b/t them about Iz being sick. I love them both and don't really want to see a blow-out, but maybe it needs to happen. I'd love to see them eventually come together to support Izzie. With any luck and any hope, the internet wars won't be too bad. I must say I am looking forward to George having a story. I just really hope that it doesn't end in his exit. Fingers crossed that Shonda has an ounce of sanity left. And maybe a half an ounce of regard for the fans.


Thanks - thats a cute video. I am a big fan of the Gizzie friendship, I just prefer her with Alex romantically. Apparently there is going to be a big blowout between Alex and George this week. I had hoped that they would be able to work together for Izzie but I guess not. If they don't make up by the end, I may have to avoid the boards for awhile :)


TDS-- this one's for you! I think it'll make you laugh--
this is actually a Gizzie vid, but I won't torture you w/ Gizzie stuff (not my intention)... Scroll to about 2:22-- the song says "she's a pain in the *ss" and the scene is George & Alex turning to look at Iz like she's crazy!! Anyway... kinda cute and ties right back into our discussion of Izzie and her "finest" moments! And how Alex and George just love that crazy woman!! :-) :) Happy watching this week! New epi-- seems like it's been FOREVER coming! How much time do you think it's been in ShondaLand??? ;-)


LOL, lety.
And you are a writer?
hmmmmm.... I do agree with you about one statement--- the fact that it's a tv show. Yup, but my favorite one and my favorite pasttime! ;-)


it's a tv show and because i love to write myself,i can usually figure out plots and endings... my joy in watching isn't to get emotionally attached to the drama it's seeing how spot on it all is. as for my coomment about your gizzie my point was only that it was done to make a point. i'm sorry but guy-chick-friends that you gush to about everything usually fall for all of they'r gushing chick friends even in real life.And even in real life don't make good couples.


lety-- you wrote:
"Alex and izzie definitely makes more sense on paper"
I will just comment that you are not doing your couple or your fellow A/I fans any justice in that uninspired comment! As for the rest of what you wrote-- here's an excerpt from Chris Dan Vusen's blog (Grey's writers blog) on Grey Matter for the episode "My Favorite Mistake" "Because… Izzie and George? They’ve got some intense feelings for each other, those two. It’s obvious. It’s amazing. There they are, in that linen closet, NOT DRUNK AT ALL, and it’s apparent that the sex – the really, really good sex – it could happen again – right then and right there."
.... "“Izzie and George sleep together,� our fearless leader said. “IZZIE AND GEORGE SLEEP TOGETHER!� It was pretty amazing. It’s still pretty amazing. And, trust us, we’re taking Izzie and George to some pretty amazing places. Because, just like the theme of this episode, we have a plan. We know you’re shocked. We hear you. Television watchers without pity: We get it. But, here’s the thing. You know who’s even more shocked than you? Izzie and George. They didn’t see this coming. They didn’t mean for this to happen. I mean, they’re FRIENDS. They’re BEST friends. They spend most of their waking hours together. They have many things in common. They confide in each other. They look out for each other. They stick up for each other. They worry about each other. They care very deeply about each other. Wait a minute. Izzie and George are already in a freakin’ relationship! They’ve been in one for a really long time." and for your viewing pleasure... no alcohol in the elevator:


TDS writes:
"am very much of the opinion that Shonda has absolutely no grand plan for the show and that she starts storylines that she thinks will be shocking! and as a result she doesn't always think things through.
I just think that Shonda instincts aren't so good and she goes for the unexpected and shocking rather than good, in character storylines. She puts plot over character again and again." I agree 100% TDS!!! I don't think she thinks of an endgame for her characters' couples. I think she thinks up stories, gets excited, wants to put them into action and then doesn't necessarily think about the consequences (as in the fans' reactions, but also where the characters will go from there). I've actually come to the conclusion (obviously a very subjective type of conclusion)... I guess more of an opinion that Shonda doesn't believe in lasting love. Interesting to see how her pledge to keep MerDer together will work out. (I ship MerDer, so I hope it will). Anyway, those are my thoughts on Shonda and the couples stuff. I could go into more about Gizzie, but I won't at this post (I'll post a second post but responding to lety) All I will say is that I still believe in Gizzie love. And I do believe that Shonda wished them to be together at some point. Do I think she thought through what the fans' reactions would be to the how? nope. But then again, as Chandra Wilson said in the first installment of Ask Greys... who knows what goes on and where characters go in Shonda Land? ;) As for all of you A/I fans-- looks like your dreams are going to come true soon. Do we know if they are lasting dreams? No. But you sure as heck can enjoy them while they last!! :)


Izzie and george were always just friends, even when they had a romantic relationship they found out they were just friends that was the whole point of the show dealing with that, to get it out of the way. izzie never wontonly looked back at george in that way. she was lonely and he was trying to get out of a marriage that was a mistake in the first place it was convenient and safe and might i add alcohol induced. when it was all over said and done with they found out it wasn't any deeper than that. which was possibly the point. Alex and izzie definitely makes more sense on paper.


I agree Kate.321 that Izzie's love life is definitely cause for controversy. I find it interesting as well and who a peson wants her to be with may depend a lot on the type of fictional romances that a person likes and the type of character someone is drawn to. It seems as though Gizzie fans and A/I fans see very different things when it comes to what Shonda's intentions regarding Izzie's love life are. I am very much of the opinion that Shonda has absolutely no grand plan for the show and that she starts storylines that she thinks will be shocking! and as a result she doesn't always think things through. I also think that the backstage stuff (of which Grey's has way too much), affects storylines as much as anything else. It affected Alex/Addison, Cristina/Burke and now may affect both Gizzie and A/I. So while Shonda pretends that everything happens for a reason, I don't believe it for a second. If Gizzie were endgame, why have them start their relationship while George was married to a regular character? If A/I are endgame, why bring Denny back to make it seem like Alex is 2nd choice? I just think that Shonda instincts aren't so good and she goes for the unexpected and shocking rather than good, in character storylines. She puts plot over character again and again. How she thought that fans would love seeing the interns cut themselves or Denny appearing from the dead 3 seasons after he was a real character on the show, is beyond me. Anyway, I do hope that we get some real insight into Izzie's feelings for Alex in the next few episodes. I am convinced that Denny is coming back at least once, but I can only hope it is so Izzie can finally shut the door on that relationship once and for all and fully and enthusiastically commit to Alex. She told Denny that Alex made her happy and the optimist in me believes that fact that she hasn't told Alex that she loves him yet means that this time it is different. We'll see. My hope is that if KH is staying for the next 2 seasons, even as a recurring character, that she and Alex will stay together. Not that they won't have their fights and obstacles, but Izzie has supposedly loved 3 men in the course of about a year and half in the show's warped timeline and to have her move on yet again, will just be unbelievable to me. But I have learned that it is better to expect the worst and hope for the best when it comes to this show.

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