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Warning: If you have not watched last night's season finale of Heroes, go read our recap of "An Invisible Thread."

For those that have seen it, we have a few pressing questions from the decent installment:

  • How could they not have shown the fight between Sylar and the Petrelli brothers?!? That was extremely disappointing.
  • Couldn't Claire's blood have saved Nathan? 
  • Why couldn't Peter have simply shape-shifted into Nathan for the next few weeks, in order to speak with the President and ensure everyone's safety?

As usual, we were left with more questions of logic than with satisfactory resolutions to this volume's storylines?

Still, we'll certainly tune in to Volume Five. Will you?

Claire and Peter

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The finale was great needles to say that it is a drama and some characters need to go, in order to save the show. Claire could have gave nathan her blood, but no matter what he still would have died. Sylar is alive he is nathan, Nathan is really dead, but Peter and Claire will never know that. Just by seeing the first half of voulme 5 we already know that, Sylar is going to figure out that something is not right. Only sylar can fix clocks not nathan. The more he goes on with life, the more he will touch things that he onces touched before when he was Sylar. If he touches peter wouldn't that bring back all his memories. What ever happend to the Haiten? is he still alive? He could have erased Sylar's memory unsted of Parkman.


Not matter what they do Nathan will die. Mama Petrelli has seen it and so have we. Sylar now moved his spot, they don't know how to kill him. Peter could take Parkmans ability, but Nathan still dies somehow, no matter what. Before it was Sylar then it was Peter when he went nutz. Nathan is suppose to die. This future is set in stone. How it happens is not set in stone. So they solved the problem. They need Nathan as a leader and Sylar dead. Peter can't be as good as his older brother...yet, and Sylar is too powerful and we can't figure out how he can be killed unless...you read his mind and you do kill him. BUT you lose Nathan. Since Sylar can become Nathan, and make it stick with Parkman, you try it otherwise you still lose Nathan This time they got to restore Nathan and kill Sylar off so he is not making the decisions for him in the white house. Also Peter and Claire still think Nathan is alive. They could never play along with what Mama Petrelli did, and Sylar would come back, leaving Nathan lost forever


What I'd like to see happen is for Peter to have taken on all of Sylar's abilities, OR empathic mimicry (like he used to have), meaning that he and Nathan now have the same powers. Also, it'd be great for Sylar's personality to surface again through touching things and intuitive aptitude: almost a Niki/Jessica situation. Only, I'd like to see Nathan destroy the Sylar personality, and actually kill him.


Also Sylar moved the spot which means only Parkman could figure out how to kill him...maybe. Sylar is in complete control of himself which makes him stronger then anyone else. His mind is perfect so maybe he does not even know where his power reorganized that spot. So you can actually save Nathan in a better way then in season one when Sylar was in charge.


I think they did not bring back Nathan because mama Petrelli knows that Nathan dies no matter what. She has seen it and we saw it in season one. And this is the best way at keeping him alive while killing Sylar. Somethings are inevitable. Just how they take place can be manipulated. I don't think Peter can pull off being Nathan. They would think he is a Target.


you do realize you sit here and complain about action...the show is a drama. I liked the finale, The tracy thing was pretty sick, I'm interested in this whole sylar/nathan thing. But I really hope Hiro gets a good story next season, please! Maybe bring back a couple framiliar faces cough*claude*cough. I guess in all they still have my attention, but they need to think long and hard because next season is make or break.


Sylar did take nathan's power I herd the noise befor he landed... and as for peter im woundering the same thing if he has all of sylars powers? I believe he does but uses them to find out the conspiracy and nathan's death..


The only thing that concerns me right now is if Peter has all the powers that Sylar has, beside shapeshifting. Think about it, Sylar didnt shapeshit when he was fighting Nathan and Peter, he was using Elle's powers. I hope the writers clear this up.


Sylar did take Nathan's power. It has already been proven that Sylar can successfully empathically copy abilities (Shapeshifter guy and Elle). And they did show him fly briefly in the finale (when he landed shortly before killing Nathan). So yeah, Sylar can fly. So if you think about it, "Nathan" is now the most powerful character on the show. Also, I love the little head shake Matt gives Noah near the end, as if saying, "No man, everything is not ok"


Surely Sylar as Nathan would not be able to fly as Nathan could as he (sylar) didn't take Nathans power, surely THAT would eventually come to light??? ALSO Sylar has claires healing so 'Nathan' would not be able to fly or die?


Heroes Quotes

Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

Hiro Nakamura

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