Heroes Preview: "I Am Sylar"

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First, Angela Petrelli.

Now, Sylar.

Last week, Angela was the main focus of Heroes, as the show delved deeply into her past.

Next week, the series will take a similar route with everyone's favorite bad guy. Watch the preview below for "I Am Sylar."

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/i-am-sylar-promo/" title="I Am Sylar Promo"] [/video]

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I don't think anyone could've survived that blast. We all heard that Sylar would kill someone who's been around since volume one and it would stick all evadence points to Nathan


This is hardly conclusive. Plenty of people have survived getting shocked by Elle. Just because Nathan gets shocked, doesn't neccesarily mean that he's going to die.


Nathan, Nathan. Why does he have to die? why couldn't be someone that I don't care for very much. I saw that pic of Sylar blasting him, and my heart sank at the realisation that it's the death sentence for our ex senater turned outlaw. I know Adrian Pasdar will be still around but he'll play the fake Nathan not the real one I love so much. When he dies I think a bit of the show will go with him. it just won't be the same:( It makes me sad to think of it.


check this out!! sylar kills nathan


Are you retarded?


Очень интере�но!!! Только не очень могу пон�ть как ча�то обновл�ет�� ваш блог?


No they do make some money from the site but its probably a drop in the bucket compared to live TV. I dont know about recently but a few weeks ago it double from the weeks prior. It is the most watch show on the internet.


do you know how much the ratings went up on the website? And they make no profit off of their site at all. Damn that sucks so basicaly since the rentings are going down, they will cancle the show?


@Christina: Ratings = more monies from ads. Torrents downloading = no monies from ads. No monies from ads = less profit for NBC. Too much less profit for NBC = Heroes menaced of being shut down.


I find there's a need to change this rating system considering the number of people watching Heroes online and that it's the most viewed/downloaded show online. Doesn't that mean anything at all?

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