Katherine Heigl Now Looking to Stay on Grey's Anatomy?

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This report is pretty much unsubstantiated and based on rumors, so take it with a grain of salt. But if it were true, how ironic would this turn of events be?

According to reports, Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl is now in the process of begging producers not to kill her off - months after she threatened to quit.

Speculation Heigl was set to leave the hit drama reached fever-pitch when her character, Dr. Izzie Stevens, was diagnosed with severe brain and liver cancer.

Katherine had also previously hinted that she wanted to concentrate on her film career following the success of her comedies Knocked Up and 27 Dresses.

But has the actress - who won an Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy Award as Dr. Izzie Stevens in 2007 - now had a change of heart?

Katherine Heigl: Leaving?

A source tells the Showbizspy, "With the economy tanking and her in a key role in a huge TV hit, Katherine Heigl is not ready to quit her day job."

"Now she's trying to convince them not to kill off her character. She'd like a few more lucrative seasons on Grey's Anatomy as she continues to build a reputation in the film world."

"The producers are messing with Katherine now. They won't give her a concrete answer. She's learned just how cutthroat this industry can be."

Heigl recently insisted she wasn't planning to quit Grey's Anatomy.

"I was assuming that [Izzie would die] at one point, and I got a lot of shrugged shoulders and shakes of the head, so I don't know if that's a yes or a no," she said.

"No one will tell me and I don't know how this is going to go."

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PLEASE KEEP HER ON THE SHOW, if she leaves. then i would die my self. she's my favourite. and like, her and alex make the cutest couple inthe world. she's the best thing that happened to him. and if she was going to be kiilled off. shes probably not going to be in alot of movies. please keep her on. i love her.


Gray`s Anatomy Izzie Steven`s is a great doctor on the show and now she will be a wouderful wife on the show if you let her stay.but if you kill her off and being a tv watcher we the people will never know. i am a real big fan of gray`s Anatomy and of izzie steven`s so please don`t kill her off the show thank you a real big fan of izzie stevens


please do not kill off izzie because there is only one izzie i watch seattle grace on thursday.


I am actually going to be very upset if they don't kill her off. Not because I don't like Katherine Heigl, because I do, not because I don't like the character of Izzy, but because NO ONE can come back from that kind of cancer in real life. I watch Grey's Anatomy because it is a somewhat real medical drama, most of the procedures that they do on there are based on real cases and they don't work miracles (Except maybe the clinical trials with the brain tumors which I am thinking they will maybe try on Izzy). If you have stage 4 advanced cancer in the liver and in the brain, you don't come back from that. I think that will upset me the most if they let her live.


Having lost a sister to cancer over 20 years ago, I'm aware of the serious nature of this disease, and aware of the quest to educate young people today. Katherine Heigle is an extremely beautiful, & wonderfully talented actress. She's a beam of light on the Grey's Show (Minus the scene where she sleept with Dead Denny?). I dare say this show wouldn't be near as intertaining without the three top ladies.
So please save Izzie, her character is OVER THE TOP, love, love ,love it! . Really, and I'm being serious now, if Izzie leaves the show, I'll not be tuning in!




KH is a great actress and her character of Izzy represents those that live in poor conditions that can overcome and excel in their life. Letting her die off the show would be letting part of the show die as well. She brings a lot of class to the show.


Aside from Isaiah Washington, perhaps the only original cast member to get this much hate is Katherine Heigl. The woman just comes off as insufferable. All of the cast members say stuff to the media when interviewed, but none of them manage to rile so many people up as KH does when she opens her motormouth. I applaud her for calling out IW during that brouhaha way back when, but maybe she should take her own advice and *not speak in public* at this point. The backlash against her started when she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration on account of, according to her, not being given Emmy-worthy material. Rightly or wrongly, that struck a lot of people as being ungrateful to the writers of this show who made her a household name. Sure, the writers sometimes come up with storylines that make the fans blech but to diss them that way...I can only say she deserves it if they kill off her character.


hey Phil, did KH actually say all of tht to you? Just wondering how you know SO much about her. I'm not in love with the girl but I find it ridiculous that this woman gets dragged through the mud over a few comments she made that were her own opinion. If a male were to say the same thing, everyone would say he was being honest, but a woman says that and shes a bitch. I hate this double standard




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