Leighton Meester is Cool Chloe Chic

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Orange isn't really her color, but the preppy Blair Waldorf would surely approve of this chic dress worn by Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester at the Chloé Los Angeles boutique opening at L.A.'s Milk Studios on Thursday evening. Here she is ...

Orange Leighton

Isn't Leighton lovely?

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i think it's def a fashion hit! when u first glance at it it's like "what?!" but then when you really look at how she's pulling it off - it looks stunning! not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she's incredibly fashion foward too


I think the dress is beautiful and leighton makes it look even more beautiful


ew that's ugly
and it is even to slutty for the OLD SERENA!!!!!!
But I must admit she pulled it off pretty well considering that dress is SO FUGLY!!!!


meh. she's too tan.
her skin matches the gross colour of her dress.
worst fashion i've ever seen on her.


Even though the colour is gross, it's the cut the bugs me. ew.


wow ugliest outfit ever, she CANNOT pull this one off! not with the underboobage


She looks terrible. Her hair is ratty, the color washes her out, she looks like she hasn't slept in days. And you know Blair would never wear a dress with a cutout like that. She's far too classy to show gratuitous amounts of skin, despite having a perfect figure.


That dress is... interesting. It made me tilt my head, not in admiration nor disgust, but in... confusion?


1. It's not that bad; at least she got the cut, fabric and pattern right. She only got color wrong.
2. It's not orange; orange would be horrendous and Leighton knows it, this is a nude, which admittedly doesn't work for her.


GGLover#1, me too I liked her hair color way better in s1

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