Leighton Meester is Cool Chloe Chic

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Orange isn't really her color, but the preppy Blair Waldorf would surely approve of this chic dress worn by Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester at the Chloé Los Angeles boutique opening at L.A.'s Milk Studios on Thursday evening. Here she is ...

Orange Leighton

Isn't Leighton lovely?

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i think she looks good in the dress, but it would be better in black or even red.
I'm not liking her hair color anymore, it's to blond, almost the color of her skin.


Gorgeous Leighton though i dont like the color...she's amazing!!!


oh no it completely washes her out! the orange tone just doesnt have enough contrast with her skin tone. not the best colour choice, but loving the actual design and cut of the dress. xx


I don't think it's the right color for her, she should have gone for something darker, but she still looks awesome!


I am so in love with this girl lol
shes so beautiful its unbelievable
but you gotta admit, the dress is pretty, but not the best for her
but there is no denying she is absolutely fabulous


mmmm..not a very wise choice. at least it is chloe:( anyway she looks amaizing!!! like she always does. but i really like her better with darker hair. i wish she would realize she can do so much better than this! lovely leighton for sure:)


I can see why she gave it away! Like the fabric, but not her best look by far. And the design, well, it seems that sometimes designers just like to see how far they can push things. Doesn't make _any_ sense.


not her best to say the least.


Leighton can make a gunny sack look appealing!


she is lovely!!!

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