"No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)" Promo

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Below is a promo for this Thursday's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance)." It's the 21st episode of the current fifth season.

Check out our photo gallery from the episode for more of an idea of what's to come, then take a look at the clip below and comment away. Sneak peeks still to come!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/no-good-at-saying-sorry-promo/" title="No Good at Saying Sorry Promo"] [/video]

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MerDer fan 4ever, where is the spoiler of Mer in the bathroom with the pregnancy test in her hands????? I hope they do write it in:)


Seriously, people, do you really envision them as a married couple? During this 5 seasons they've been separated and fighting each other more time than they've been together and happy. Something will again go wrong, Mer will have a nervous breakdown becuase of her suspension/Izzie's death/Thatcher's love for Lexie/Bailey going to peds/financial crysis/the swine flu/put here whichever reason you want and she'll call off the wedding causing Der to get drunk and bat away his mother's ring...again. Guys, Der/Mer are only happy when they're in pursuit of happiness. They can't be actually happy like normal people. My guess is that something will go wrong and the season will not end up with a marriage. Dunno, though...


Maybe Mer's suspension will give Ellen Pompeo time off to have her baby and rest up a little after the finale wedding? It looks as though Ellen is well into or near the end of her second trimester, so she could have the baby over the summer, and they might already be filming by then, and that would maybe explain her absence? It would kind of suck though because I think it would be awful for Derek to come back from the wedding/honeymoon without Meredith....That's all assuming we actually get a Mer/Der wedding by the end of this season!


How come nobody mentioned the push Christina gave Owen in the back? At least she's worried about him and not willing to let him go that easily. That's good. The feisty mood of Meredith is just another expression of the grudge she has towards the Chief. It seems like she's losing respect for him, challenging his authority, and there's a necessity to draw the line and show who's the boss and who's just a resident. Some suspension will give her just enough time to arrange everything for the wedding. And if it is that serious, and Meredith will leave the show (easy, easy with the rotten tomatoes, people!!), it could still be Grey's Anatomy, cause Lexie is a much more lovable and human character than Meredith. Just joking! Don't worry, I suppose everything is gonna be just fine.


Oke, I remember. Paralells would be great. Talking about Denny, I still don't see an Alex/Izzy wedding and Denny in the same episode.

Merder fan 4ever

LoveThursdays, I also thought that they may be some parallels.
Actually, my idea was that they will have some hot sex, and in the end of the epi, we see Mer sitting in the bathroom with the pregnancy test in her hands. And then, black screen and Grey's Anatomy logo. I wouldn't be surprised if Shonda leaves some cliffhangers behind the finale.
Season 4 finale was brilliant, great writing, but I think that the part of it's success is in the fact that everything was nicely finished and packed (ok, end maybe not, but everything else yes).
So, I'm really looking forward to see the finale, I cannot wait, although after that there will be no Grey's during the whole summer. :(


Nope, you are right on with the 17 seconds.


the 17 seconds thing is when denny was 17 seconds behind the other guy on the transplant list, right? or am I totally wrong?


What's with 17 seconds?

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