Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo: Typical Jersey Housewives

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Viewers are about to become very familiar with the Manzo sisters.

Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo star on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which premieres tonight on Bravo.

The siblings recently spoke to People about the show and about themselves:

Do you represent typical New Jersey housewives?

Caroline: That’s kind of a loaded question. Do I think we depict an Italian American family? Yes, I do. Do I think I depict a housewife? I most certainly am. There are some aspects to my personality that may be stronger than most, but the fact remains that I wake up every morning and I make the beds and I go food shopping and I let the dogs out and I do the laundry and I am somebody’s wife and somebody’s mother.
Dina: When I think of New Jersey, I think of moms who are passionate about their families. We definitely represent that. We’re not really looking to be in the social scene as much as some of the other [casts] in the franchise. Our show is more authentic because some of those women were kind of forced to hang out with each other, whereas for us, we’d all be out to dinner together anyway — with the exception of a couple. We’re just regular people. We’re not walking a red carpet every night.

Manzo Sisters

Are you prepared for any potential backlash?
Caroline: There is no preparing for it. But I’m a big girl. I’ve taught my children to accept that not everybody is going to love you. We make mistakes and we do things that perhaps at times will embarrass us, but that’s what makes us human. I am proud of who I am. And I am so proud of my children.
Dina: We’re very confident that we’re good people. I can put my head on my pillow every night knowing that I give back to my community and I’m a great mother and a great sister, so they can say whatever they want.

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All three of the fat heads, Caroline, (Especially) Threasa, and Jacquline should pool their monies - (Threasa I'm sure someone will lend you the a few bucks)to get an education and perhaps even get some class. Can't figure out how "NO BODY MESSES WIT MY FAMILY" Caroline ever was voted best mom? I would not let her mother my dog....Head of the family? "When you mess wit my family you mess wit me" give me a break...If you guys are "Ticker then thives" why does Threasa keep telling Danielle to stop breaking up their families???????????????? Danielle, hang in there, you are the best...I would rather have you as a friend then those brain dead idots.....Oh, well money cant buy you everything....just watch Lard ass Caroline, tits are us Threasa and Steffert wife Jacquline!!!!!!!


dina you must be the only one with good sense because you realise you cant talk sense into nonsense big ups to you hey you looked like you nearly hit the floor when you were told your the godmother, i thought that decison was up to you to ask if you wanted to, somepeople ill do anything to get in with the manzos ugh


teresa you are fake fraud liar one minute you try to be classy the nesy minute you act all thuggued out from the hood of patterson nj oldtime mob wive girl you are scandals not fabulousby they way kimora is fabulos


jac you have the most disrepectful child i have ever seen and un grateful you must have spared rhe rod and spoiled the child i can see caroline s children do know to respect their parents. dannlle is still an adult to ashely i would never dream of tacking someone my moms age and she evens challeges you she needs to take lessons from carolines daughter iron hand jac iron hand


i fell really sad for all of you caroline you rally let anyone in your circle but yet you choose potty mouth joe and teresa with all their lies andfakeness they are crooks by definition and then it is that smile and shap toungue thing that you do when you dont get your way you really should it with dannille at the table and how convient of you to get invole at the very end when you wanted dannille to back off ashley when in fACT she has that same issue of you mess with my family your messing with me so she pulled her hair thank got it was dannille someone else may have given her a piceof her on medicine. she better stay in nj with you guys with that mess and so should good old teresa


These woman are not a true representative of real Jersey Girls or Italian woman. My wife was born in Italy, a little villiage called Alefa, she moved to Jersey when she was young, I met her at the jersey shore I was a lifeguard she was a goddess of the sun, she is a true Italian Princess and a real Jersey Girl, we have 4 great children and have been married 21 years this summer. she is all real no plastic and is still the hottest babe on the beach her body is amazing and her mind even more so, and one thing I hate is when all these italian wannabes keep saying "well I'm italian I have a real italian temper or "we're italian and we are as thick as theives" your not italian your american with a silly new york accent, my wife and no one in her italian family talks like that, and my father -in-law lived in the old country most of his life and he hates when he heres people talk like they are a real italian. I have cousins and aunts and uncles back in the old country and we visit them often and we both speak italian but when we are asked what we are we proudly say "AMERICAN" This great country has made us a great living in the music business,my family has been truly blessed by the gods of music and we have made more than we could ever need. I enjoyed watching the finally but caroline said to danielle that what she heard was hearsay.....well this whole entire show was based on hearsay what she only uses her new word only when it benefits her.I loved Joe, he seems like a true mans man, quiet but does all his talkin with a pocket full a hundreds.Danielle for some reason seemed the most real I mean come on theresa moving into someone elses house is gross, you just insulted the president of our great USA and all presidents preceding and just about 95% of our nations population. Not all are as fortunate to have muti-million dollar homes built as we are. All in All the show was silly and way to much drama and in no way did you do justice to a true Jersey housewife and especially from italy. my wife is from italy and she never says "I'm italian thats why im such a bitch"...ladies be proud to be american its really not so attractive to pretend to be something you wish you were but just aren't. In closing Danielle and Jacquline were the stars of the show but I enjoyed watching you all and all the silly drama....remember ladies "dont sweat the small shit"




My favorite housewife is Caroline.Possibley because i am closer to her age and lifestyle.Italian,mother,and so in love with my husband after 20 years of marriage. Oh and a family business. Maybe i will get comped in A.C.too meet her. Thats how I met the cast of the Sapranos.


Caroline and dina are the worst.

Real Housewives of NJ Quotes

We need to get you a bling-bling pacifier.


At the last minute I was packing my makeup case and jewelry. You know, last minute things if you're going to go to the hospital.