Danielle Staub Mug Shot: Featured in Cop Without a Badge?

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I’m not the most gorgeous woman in the world, but I’m kinda ho. I might just be the ultimate threat. I think I’m just a really secure woman, and sometimes, people are less than enthusiastic about having me around.

With quotes such as the one above, is it any wonder why Danielle Staub is the most controversial - and, let's be honest, hated - cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

In just a couple episodes, Staub has...

  • ... confessed to have phone sex with a stranger for two years.
  • ... offered a blow job to a guy at a restaurant.
  • ... and pretty much offended every other Housewife.

Now, in the latest twist, Caroline Manzo has supposedly learned that Danielle, and possibly her mug shot, are featured in “Cop Without a Badge,” a memoir written by former FBI and Secret Service Agent Kevin Maher.

Danielle Staub Pic

More details on the book and Staub's appearance in it are expected to come to light on the next episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

For now, let us just say: WTF?!?

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I know the family personally and Danielle went to someone we all know and asked then to run Dina off the road. She wanted to hurt her, Dina is such a wonderful person and there was no cause for that...


so, just finished watching part 2 of the reunion.....what is caroline talking about that danielle did! i need to know im going crazy over here! I cant stand danielle!!!!! and she needs to stop playing the victim! what she did at the dinner was inappropriate and was not the time or the place. she is suppose to be a grown woman and obviously has no respect for teresa and joe who were trying to through a nice dinner party with friends and family! if i was on the show i would of smacked danielle. who the hell does she think she is! everyone goes through bull$hit and has a past! get over it!!!! if anyone knows what Danielle did to Dina and her family off camera please fill me in!


Real Housewives of NJ Quotes

We need to get you a bling-bling pacifier.


At the last minute I was packing my makeup case and jewelry. You know, last minute things if you're going to go to the hospital.