Days of Our Lives Spoilers: May 18-22

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Stephanie is in for a tough week ahead on Days of Our Lives...

  • Mia denies drug use to Brady.
  • Rafe (Galen Gering, pictured) take steps to adopt Grace.
Galen Gering as Rafe
  • Stefano receives his final dose of insulin.
  • Stephanie is held captive at the morgue.

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god stephanie and phillip were just starting to grow on me ,i love them now they are so adorable together ,and may i mention hott.i hope this kidnapping doesnt ruin them,i hope it toughens steph up a bit and make phillip realize his father way is not alwys the best way ,i hate to see a great couple like this with so much potiential end because everyone else they love say its not right,they need to prove everybody wrong maybe steph can get so sick of the dimeries messin with phillip life she'll want them to be dealt with ,but in a smart and rational and thought out way.please no love traingle with them and that creepy owen dude i want a love story about two people fighting against all odds to be together ,like the bo and hope,steve and kayla,john and marlena days they were love stories and i can see this with them they just have i hope the writers see it too if not i guess doool is no more for me the other storylines arent catching my attention yet

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