Extended Promo: "The Goodbye Gossip Girl"

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We posted the first promo earlier today. Now, below is a longer, higher-quality version of the CW's teaser for next week's big second season finale of Gossip Girl.

As the network itself has hinted - and we've discussed in our Round Table - there could be some major plot details revealed and things left hanging for Season 3.

Take a look at the promo and share your thoughts ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-goodbye-gossip-girl-extended-promo/" title="The Goodbye Gossip Girl: Extended Promo"] [/video]

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yeah i can't really hear whatever Jenny's saying either. she always speaks too fast. holy crap, Chuck, please tell Blair you love her. from the kind of look that you're giving her, there's no excuse that those three words can't come out from your mouth. i'm praying really hard.


What in hell is little J saying?


OMG OMG!!! If you look closely at the promo, notice that when blair goes "youre the reason why we're on gossip girl in the first place" Chuck is storming away, obviously then, she's not blaming Chuck for being gg!


well i kno for sure that nate is the whore. that was already confirmed. i think you're right about c bein the coward/ i think it could be a toss up between blair and dan for irrelevant though. nut i really would liked if GG used better adjectives. lol


ooh, gossip girl is going down! heehee..I'm excited!:D Chuck and Blair love!:D


Is the person close to Gossip girl Vanessa? she would be pissed at Blair for stealing Nate, Chuck for sleeping with her, Dan ditching her for the UESiders, Nate for dumping her, and Serena for stealing her bestfriend.


I think I figure it out: Whore= Nate, Coward= Chuck, Weakling= Dan, Insider= Serena, Irrelevant= Blair. I think this because at it says by Ann that the first blast is send before are fab five are name to pick up their diplomas, and this things are always in alphabetical order. So that's my theory... And it fix to 4 out of 5: N is a Whore (I already explain it), C is a coward for not telling B he loves her, D cuz he is (let's face facts) the Weakling, and B cuz after she steps out as "Queen of the Steps" she'll be no longer "relevant" in the high school world. Tell me what you think....

Andre pattinson

First of all: I hope to God that Chuck FINALLY MAN UP and tell Blair that he loves her!!! COME ON ALREADY, GIVE US CHAIR!!! Second: I think that the blast is something like this: GG tells about Serena's Jail time, Blair's New Years rendez-vous avec Jack-ass (that's why Chuck is SOO piss off), Vanessa and Chuck's AWWFUUULLL one night stand and Nate's Old lady Drama (That'll explain the "whore"). Therefore, Serena seeks revenge and who's better in a Vendetta than G and Baizen?? Third: Whore= Nate, Coward= Chuck, Irrelevant= Dan??.. the other 2 I have no idea what so ever... Forth: The new suitor for S is obviously Baizen, who else??? Final though: I really like this Season (so far), what it'll make it perfect is: 3 WORDS, 8 LETTERS, fROM C TO B...


Ok I found this in a website:
"Before five of our favorites can get their names called at graduation, Gossip Girl does some name-calling of her own: Whore, Coward, Weakling, Insider, and Irrelevant. Guess who's who...."
Ok so if its true then who ever said that gossip girl will call Nate whore is maybe right!!
what do you think?

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