Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

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Welcome to the 52nd Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday feature for an entire year now! Thanks you all for playing each week and making this a fun Friday / weekend tradition, and making this the web's #1 Gossip Girl fan community.

This week's Caption Contest winner is xBlairAndChuckx. Congratulations! Honorable mentions go out to O.Le, downtownBassgirl and shadow243.

Thanks to everyone who played and good luck again this week!

The winning entry appears below ...

Vanessa and Dan Pic

Vanessa: How did Serena get such a great picture?
Dan: Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline.

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Dan: HEY! They spelled my name wrong!
Vanessa: What does it say?
Dan: Dan Humpy.

Forever chair xo

Vanessa: Why am I on this list?
Dan: Oh, that's the list of people no one's ever hoping to see again.
Vanessa: What? Well why is it in the graduation program?
Dan: It's supposed to be just for the graduating students, but I guess they made an exception for you though.
Vanessa: Oh, that was nice of them.
Dan: Yeah, the schools are really trying to open up to the rest of the community.


Dan: (thinking:this is such a proud day for me. Look at my little name insert!) I Love you 1, I love you 2, I love you 3, Ilove you 4, I love you...... Vanessa: (thinking: Is he talking to me?)


Vanessa: "Umm.. Dan i dont see your name...anywhere"
Dan: "Well it's not the first time I've been left off the VIP list with these people."


Dan: Look season 3's script.
Vanessa: Let me see.
Dan: Wow even with a great script, they really can't make youre character likable V. So ready your camera, it might be your last time on the set.


Dan: Huh, that's strange.
Vanessa: What?
Dan: It's says here next to this girl's name, Gossip Girl.
Vanessa: Really? Wow. We know who Gossip Girl is. Let's go cause her public humiliation in order to bring about her downfall.
Dan: We could...except for the whole 'we're-not-Chuck-and-Blair' thing.
Vanessa: Oh...want to go over to her and openly make judgements about her and her life?
Dan: *looks at watch* Well, we've got time before we- sorry, I mean I graduate.


Dan: Hehe....oh ya...
Vanessa: What are you looking at?
Dan: Check this out...isn't it great that Playboy started publishing the magazine convenient pocket sized form!
Vanessa: Man, I wish I could bend that way....I-I mean your a pig!


Dan: Hey, look, there's a girl in my class called Danielle Humphrey! How freaky is that? Vanessa: Ehrm.. I think that's you. Dan gives Vanessa death stare. Vanessa: Come on, Danielle. Graduation is about to begin!


Dan: Look, an awards list.
Vanessa: What does it say?
Dan: Wait, what? I don't always wear the same black vest.
Vanessa: I don't always show up randomly. What? Why am I in there?
Dan: Well, it's because you do show up randomly. All the time, Vanessa.
Vanessa: *scoffs* Well, you do always wear the same vest. All the time, Dan.

Forever chair xo

Dan: Where's my name?
Vanessa: It's right here.
Dan: WTF?! It's in the Constance list? I'm not a girl!
Vanessa: You're not?

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