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Monday night's Gossip Girl episode, "Valley Girls," featured mother-daughter conflict in multiple generations - as well as a truckload of '80s fashion and music.

As Serena butted heads with Lily, we flashed back to 1983, when a rebellious young L clashed with her mom CeCe (also seen in this episode in the present).

While Lily and sis Carol were up to no good a quarter-century ago, the Upper East Siders went to prom - and you won't believe what Chuck pulled this time.

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1980s Rockers

No Doubt, a.k.a. Snowed Out, rocks the house on Gossip Girl.

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I get that No Doubt is getting back together and what better way than to do that than debut on the most popular TV show at the moment. But if you're going to do a cover-- do it justice. That song they cover is super 80s romantic new wave and modernizing it just made it wack. I'm a big fan of the 80s-- but this ep seemed to be trying waaay too hard. In every scene they had 80s music blaring, unnecessary. Plus, it is supposed to be 83 and yet the clothing looks closer to the later 80s. Cece was great. Britany Snow was O.K., she needs contacts. Also-- I think I have issue w/ the kind of film they shot it in. Too crisp for the 80s. I would prefer that 70's show rendering of the 1970s v. this. Or do it in they way that Melrose Place did the 90s since it is more that genre. As for this ep. I loved the whole thing between Chuck & Blair. How romantic. I like that Chuck is really trying-- it is his turn after all. Oh and if you've never seen Dangerous Liasons-- it seems like the two in that movie inspire their whole thing. I like that Dan & Serena go to prom together. And I would have liked a little bit more w/ the Nair break up. How does Nate take it? Actually-- who cares. It was never quite believable to begin with. Last thing. I think it is great how they all end up going to NY schools. But what about Serena-- how does she end up in NY? hrm. I figure Dan will be at Columbia & Serena at NYU.


The 80s flashbacks were so BAD! The acting was so incredibly sub-par and the actress who played Lily didn't even look remotely like Kelly Rutherford. I was tempted to fast-forward it was so dumb.


I'm gonna use the NY Magazine model to comment this episode: Young Lilly, Cece and Carol looked nothing alike, neither to each other nor to their older versions. Minus 10. Some parts of the flashbacks looked more like 60's than 80's. Minus 3. The songs and clothes really looked 80's. Plus 5. Young Lilly and Cece's hair looked like wigs due to excess hair spray. Minus 2. Nate was a jerk, a douche bag and a bad friend for assuming that Chuck was trying to sabotage his prom's plans and by rubbing in Chuck's face one more time that Blair's with him. We could expect nothing else from that prick. Plus 10. Jenny made Serena a gala dress in half a day. Minus 8. The dress looked awful which was expected since it was a Jenny's. Plus 7. Dorota treated what happened to Blair's prom dress at the dry cleaner as a major catastrophy. Plus 5. Chuck gave Blair her dream prom, something that Nate tried but couldn't do because he's a loser. Plus 10. Chuck was the sweetest not only for making Blair's dream prom to come true (even though she was with Nate) but also for not bragging about it. Plus 10. Nelly Yuki was never a popular girl in high school and yet she was nominated for prom queen. Since when would the mean girls allow something like that to happen? If it was only to piss Blair off. Plus 3. If not, minus 3. Blair broke up with Nate at a night that was supposed to be perfect. That break up could've waited 'til the next episode. Minus 7. Serena never gave or even mentioned to Blair about the penthouse key she received from Chuck earlier. Plus, she didn't mention anything about Chuck's feelings or about how he saved Blair's prom. Minus 8. The prom's scenes were way too short. They deserved a whole episode. Minus 10.


everything was sort of choppy. & important details were left out. did serena ever give blair the key chuck said to give to her? this episode had me confused. & we better be hearing some 3 words & 8 letters.


luly: I noticed that about Lily's eyes too. They seriously screwed that up. And No Doubt isn't portraying themselves back then, they're portraying another band called 'Snowed Out'. Yeah. I know it's stupid. Kaite: I TOTALLY AGREE. that would have been so cute :]


something is wrong... the beginning says that we see lily in 1983... and then we see No Doubt performing. BUT No doubt has been formed in 1986... AND WTF with lily's eyes???
kelly rutherford has brown eyes god damn it!!!!


OMG, worst episode ever! I love Gossip girl, but hey, what's with the flashbacks? They were totally boring and I didn't actually think for a second that it was Lily. They basically came off as just two random sisters. Who cares about them!? And this boring storyline stole time from our favourite actors. Writers, come on!


This episode really disappointed me. The flashback's storyline was ok, but OMG, what a lame cast. Young Lilly, Carol and specially Cece were nothing but bizarre. Based on what was showed on the episode, there's a chance for the spinoff to be great, but ONLY if they change the cast. As for the rest of the episode, it was just awful how they had to rush things. I guess that Prom, considering the importance of it to high schoolers, plus everything that happened (Chuck's plans, B&N's break up), deserved a whole episode. As somebody said, there should be two separate episodes, one for the prom only (to show us everything that happened with more details and explanations) and another one for the whole flashback and Serena's prison thing. Plus, they showed nothing about what happened to Georgina and Poppy.


Yeah I agree CB!
I wish that Blair and Chuck would have looked at each other for a while when she was on stage. And then when she watched him walk out she would've gotten a sad look on her face and then put on a fake smile so that no one would notice.
But the scene was still great and my heart just broke when Chuck was smiling and looking at her. :D
I can't wait till the finale!!!!!!!!!!


I'm a CB fan and I'm glad that NB are over, but I think they could have done it a little bit better! The reasons that Blair had made sense, but what didn't make sense was how they showed it. It happened so fast with no real warning earlier in the episode! There should have been a little bit of build up at least so that we could have seen Blair realizing it.


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