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In a matter of hours, Gossip Girl returns with an all-new episode, "The Wrath of Con." It's the 23rd episode of Season 2, with just two more to follow this May.

We've shown you plenty of preview clips and photos of the episode and you've chimed in with your opinions many times over. Now it's time to sit and watch.

And comment on the scandalous Upper East Side goings-on, of course.

The con is so on, but how will our favorite characters take down Gabriel? What will happen in the escalating love triangle between Nate, Chuck and Blair?

What do you think and hope will happen in tonight's Gossip Girl?

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It was one of the better episodes in a while! Georgina was hilarious! Classic Chuck at some points!
Is Dan going to intercept every freakin' phone call???????
I'm a huge Chair fan, and their scene was great, and I know they're endgame...but was just wondering how it's all gonna pan out for them in 2 hours (the next 2 episodes)? I hope Serena goes to B and is just a blabbermouth about Chuck!


to jaflkjsdflkjasdlfja : are you serious??? coz the idea of nate n jennie together makes me sick! its seriouly disgustin! nate n serena should NEVER b together either! i like the nate-blair-chuck love triangle. i think queen b finds love with N, and lust with C. i like NB better tho coz i dunw anna see her get hurt with C!


i loved the end of the episode with the 3 of them; chuck, nate and blair, on the steps each working their different angle to help serena. that is what has been missing for a while - the dynamic of them working together. i also think that nate and blair could become really cute friends. i hope so because they do have a sweet dynamic together.


i like the episode, it's really interesting. What saddens me, is that there will be no more Blair and Nate scenes, now that Chuck finally admitted that he loves Blair. Don't get me wrong, I love the C&B tandem, it's just that I'm gonna miss seeing B&N together. Admit it guys, they look good together too. well, anyway, I like Georgina in this episode. "tell jesus that the Bitch is back". haha. I really like that statement. so, does that mean, that G is on the good side now, coz from what I'm seeing she runs after Poppy to destroy. I mean that's good thing right, coz that'll help them solve the case.


omg.bc scene is sooo sad:(. i want them to be together:(they're like ment to be. i really hope that theyll get back together otherwise the whole show is like meaningless for me.

Victoria victrola

I think that for next season Gossip Girl needs to take some pointers from *REAL* soap operas and realize that every plot twist should not be solved in 1.5 episodes, and relationships can last a little longer too, and can be just on for a while or off for a while, not like an effin light switch all the time. Lately, to keep up with some of what is going on, you have to assume that almost all of the characters have an IQ of 88! (For instance Rufus investing his last 40K, in a sad attempt to make money ... in this market? Dan has to go to school in a couple of months!!!! The 40K would have helped maybe gotten him through the first year at least, until they could figure something else out?!) They sometimes seem to get that with Chuck and Blair, which IMHO is the only reason to watch, except for the times where the dialogue is actually really good. For example, Dan being the, "Cater Waiter at a Seder," etc! Gossip Girl is at it's best with those little snarkisms ... I personally think Chuck and Blair scheming about anything is never boring, and I think them getting together would be like this great detective agency! The first season just made a hell of a lot more sense, and wasn't so freak-tastic ever week, and that's why I think it was better ... rich kids doing rich kid stuff is never boring, it's all based on some sort of fantasy life. I also loved the whole "Poppy is a fake," thing this week??! When it comes to those sort of social circles everyone knows everyone and their great-great-great grandmother etc. Even if she did pull it off isn't new money still sort of second tier? I did dig how when Chuck said,"It's just a game." to Blair, or whatever it's like he was calling it in completely ... it was so obvious!!! Ugh. And like S. wouldn't totally have B. on speed-dial after Chuck is all love-sick over her. I can't wait for season 3 ... really it has to be better than this one was. It started out so strong, but since the funeral it just went pretty limp and lame in general ... and I actually went and got season 1 and watched it in one weekend!! I am glad they took a million weeks off though, because it seems like there is a glimmer of hope that Gossip Girl can turn it around here in the home stretch and be saved ... I think the past few have sort of been better in general, but still need a little help.

Little miss gg

Like the rest of the Chair fans, I cried in the Chuck and Blair scene. It was AMAZING!!!


*Michelle T


Dear GG writers & producers, Please keep Georgina on the show as a principal cast member!! She is fabulous!!


Forgot to add, loved Georgina..loved the ending of them all working together, just loved Leighton and Ed acting wise and Blair and Chuck in general as always, I loved Serena this episode too.


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