Gossip Girl Spoilers: Season Finale, Spinoff Scoop

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Below are some Gossip Girl spoilers from E! Online's spoiler Q&A this morning. Here's some scoop on the season finale, as well as the upcoming spinoff series ...

Q: What can you tell us about the Gossip Girl finale?

A: Chuck and Blair! What else is there to say? OK, how about that the spawn of Rufus and Lily will be played by an unknown - extrapolate from that what you will about said spawn's future on the show. Of course, nobody had ever heard of Jessica Szohr before Gossip Girl, and now she's a big star with endorsement deals and everything.

Q: Does Serena do any damage to Gossip Girl when she tries to out her in the finale?

A: No, not really. Gossip Girl escapes Serena's attack relatively unscathed - but then again, nobody effs with Kristen Bell and gets away with it.

Lily VDW

Q: I know it's not really called Lily, but is there anything new to spill on the spinoff?

A: Kelly Rutherford shared an awesome-sounding bit of info on the tentatively titled show: "I just went in recently did a bit of a voice-over, like a Wonder Years kind of thing where I'm looking back on my life. I don't know if they'll use it, but I was able to see some of it, and it looked fantastic." There you have it! Gossip Girl plus Wonder Years equals amazing!

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lily and rufus? how could they do that? dan and serena are meant to be together, even though they are step-brother and sisters they still have that chemistry there!
chuck and blair should also stay together but i would like it if chuck was just a real gentelman and treat blair with respect.
also nate and jenny are quite a good couple even though she's a little too young, but oh well


i'd like to know when is coming back again the third season!! cant wait 4 the 13th episode, please someone!


no of course not! i think the title of the last episode of Season 2 is misleading people... Season 3 premieres Monday August 31 !!! YAY


i hear that there's not going to be a season 3 of gossip girl and that the last episode ever is next week...is this true??
i so hope not!


OMG i luv blair and chuck Nate needs to let blair alone and chuck needs to tell blair how he really feels. and they so should not waste the 2nd to last show on rufus and lily. !!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo blair and chuck fan !!!


i agree with maggie we all want to see chuck n blair
nate n vanessa dan n serena
wats the point in making us wait for episodes if there going to be about crap no one wants to know !


Ä°t's amazing.Good idea...


I'm not hating the idea of the flashbacks, as long as they really relate and dont take up too much GG time. I think it has the potential to be interesting, and I'm quite interested to see Serena/Eric's dad.


It's a show based on Lily's past not Rufus. He'd only come in after some seasons. And I think if they wanted to use GG to help the show, they could have added another episode to use AS the pilot.


this spin-off stinks. Lily and Rufus...? As a Gossip girl Special during the summer is fine. Or winter. But wasting an episode on it to create a spin-off? Not a good idea. Plus it's something that doesn't have much substance. If it's a show based on them two it's already getting boring. And even if they talk about their past how much is there really to talk about? Ew it's got boring written all over it.

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