Josh Groban to Portray "Absolute Jerk" on Glee

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Based on what we've seen of Glee, the show doesn't need any guest-starring stunts to reel in viewers this fall.

But this sounds intriguing:

Hit singer Josh Groban will make a cameo on the series. According to the star, he'll play a version of himself on the show that is an “absolute jerk.”

That's all we can report for now, but considering the down-to-earth, humble persona Grobin has established for himself, we can't wait to find out what this entails.

Josh Groban

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Josh is very good at taking a rise out of himself. People in the UK cringed when they heard he'd be appearing on Never mind the Buzzcocks programme. A lot of people thought they would eat him alive on that show - but Josh beat them at their own game! A lot of people thought he was the best guest they'd ever had on the show and he doesn't mind acting the fool at all - it just shows how comedic he really is and how much he enjoys it.

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