Leighton Meester: What's Her Best Look?

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Leighton Meester certainly experiments more with fashion than her prim and proper Gossip Girl counterpart, Blair Waldorf, who is stylish but conservative.

In real life, the beautiful 23-year-old actress makes a variety of different looks work for her. Of that there is no doubt. But which of the two below is best?

At the recent premiere of Star Trek in Los Angeles, Leighton arrived with blonde highlights, smoky eyes and pale lips. Needless to say, she looked great.

Only a few days later, she tailored her looks to the event and went high fashion at the Met Gala, playing down her eyes and painting her lips glossy red.

Which look do you think worked best for her? Tell us below ...

Leighton Meester Looks

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Although she is really ery stunning, you looks zombified in both those pictures.
that aside, I think she looks gorgeous natural.


too much reflective shine!


No fair!!! It should be a third option: SHE LOOKS AMAZING BOTH WAYS...


I like the Dark hair better but the neutral makeup better?


Leighton looks lovely with any look. I do love her dark Blair curls the best though.


Neutral is always more beautiful than a lot of make and clown stuff, so I love neutral more:) But Leighton is sexy and pretty whatever she wears!


I think you could of picked better pictures. Leighton is gorgeous but I love her hair when it has the light blonde highlights in it. Think back to the start of the second season. They were so pretty! My friend Sammie made a video to Blair and Chuck, I want people to see it because it is SOOOOO good! Please do me a favor and check it out...for me? Good girls go bad (chuck;blair)


I knows she's supposed to be a natural blonde but she really looks much better with her darker 'Blair' locks.


Leighton is a godess we all know that. but seriously, those are realy not the best pictures. you could have definately picked better ones.
No matter what she does, she is stunning


The dress she was wearing in the second picture was hideous. I know its YSL, but it was a bit too much. Love the shoes though

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