More Grey's Anatomy Spoilers From Chyler Leigh

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She had a healthy baby girl last week, but Grey's Anatomy star Chyler Leigh is still ready and willing to do interviews this week in advance of Thursday's climactic finale. What a trooper!

Here's Chyler's Q&A with E! Online, from this afternoon ...

Q: Things with Meredith and Lexie seem to be going strong. Do you expect that to continue?

A: There was that kind of desperation, a puppy-dog quality, at first. Lexie has such a great family dynamic that it's like, "Of course, why wouldn't you want to be my sister?"

But for Meredith, Lexie coming in like that - it was like a record scratch. But as far as I know, the relationship between the sisters continues to get better. Lexie's been growing a lot, and I think there will be more of the mutual respect between the two of them.

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Q: Is Lexie at peace with Thatcher now, following his 12-step amends-making?

A: Lexie and her dad have such a great bond anyway that the apology was a much bigger deal to Lexie than to Meredith. Meredith was more like "too little, too late." As far as Lexie goes, for Thatcher to come in and have an apology made a really big difference.

Q: How would you compare and contrast Lexie's infatuation with George earlier in the year with her feelings with for Mark Sloan now?

A: George was the first person who actually cared about her and made her feel like a person. When she first started to have feelings for him, I think they were genuine, but I think there was more of an infatuation factor, because it wasn't reciprocated. You can't have what you want sometimes, and that came into play. I think as far as Sloan, it was so out of left field, but from the get-go she never had a problem saying what she felt or what she thought to him. I think for some reason he gave her an instant confidence that she didn't necessarily have with anybody else, and it kind of caused her to be more open and be more forward. The feelings she has with Mark are definitely genuine. It's not an infatuation, and it's certainly not to further her career or advance her, because she technically doesn't need that help—she's smart, and she's got the photographic memory so she doesn't need the help as far as her career goes. Her feelings for Sloan are definitely genuine.

Q: Will there be more screen time for the Lexie-Sloan storyline next season?

A: Definitely. There definitely will be more of them next season.

Q: Is there anyone you'd like to do more scenes with whom you haven't really worked with yet?

A: I actually haven't had a lot of scenes with Cristina! I'm like, "Wait a minute, she's my resident!" But I've kind of been all over the place with everybody else. I'd definitely love to see [things with Cristina] come back around again, but I have had a lot of good scenes with Izzie and actually Callie. That's been a lot of fun.

Q: How are you feeling about being a Grey's Anatomy cast member at this point?

A: I've been doing the show two full seasons now, and it's a landmark and a breakthrough for me. Really, just to have gotten past 13 episodes was a major triumph for me in my career. I've got through a lot of pilots or a lot of nine-episode or 13-episode [jobs] and then that's it, so to be part of something this long-lived, let alone something that is as well-received and well-respected as this show, that's been very exciting for me.

Q: Last but not least, is there anything you can tease about the Season Five finale of Grey's Anatomy?

A: And as far as the finale goes, the most that I can say is that there are a lot of unexpected twists and turns that happen in this episode. It is very very powerful episode and nobody is gonna want to miss it. There is a lot of key plotlines and a lot of answered questions and then more questions raised.

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Personally, I don't understand when people say that Lexie's making Mark a better man. He's still just as selfish and inconsiderate now as he was before the slexiepuke fiasco. He lied to his bestfriend, went against his wishes... twice. Personally, the little growth that Sloan has displayed is because of his BFF and soulmate Callie. MARK AND CALLIE bring out the best in each other!!! I personally don't find Lexie to be that mature emotionally or professionally for a 24 year old. The secret cutters society, whining when George was too busy with his career to notice her, sickeningly seducing her boss, taking work from experienced residents, and flaunting her relationship in front of her colleagues like a little sl*t after taking a huge surgery from them. I THINK NOT!!


No offense to d show, but lexie and mark is not tat good.... He's better off being a womanizer.... They both didnt bring out d best in dem but it brought out d best in lexie coz of d confidence he gave her... She and geoorge wud hav made a gr8 couple


Children stop being children around 16 (if not earlier) and 24 is absolutely a grown up, especially a woman (we all know women reach emotional maturity faster than men). I like Mark. He's a person who's made a lot of mistakes and suddenly seems to have found love in the place (person) he least expected. As for Lexie, she's a nice, kinda-sloppy family-raised girl, she's direct, honest and optimistic. I like them. There is nothing sick about them. She's not a minor, she's an adult, a very smart one, quite capable of making her own decisions. So yeah, I like and enjoy seeing Mark and Lexie together.


I find them boring also. The chemistry is not there either. I wish she would just end. Most people don't seem to like them.


No Addison and Callie made Mark a better man. Lexie just makes him a boring one. I liked her a lot with George, but not with Mark. They don't work.


I use to like them but now I find them soooooooooooooooo boring. Just yawn!


I didn't like them in the beginning, but now I do.
Lexie is good for him, she makes Mark a better man.


I love them, too!!


Worst couple on the universe.


I hate them. She might be 24 but she acts 11. She creeps me out. Fire her, aand keep George.

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