Sneak Preview of "Valley Girls"

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We just posted the promo, and now here is a sneak preview of a scene from next week's Gossip Girl episode, "Valley Girls." Back in the '80s, Lily (Brittany Snow) is seen at a Los Angeles club where a band (No Doubt) performs "Stand and Deliver."

Pretty cool. Check it out and tell us what you think ...

[video url="" title="Valley Girls Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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Incredible site!


Perfect work!






All it seemed to be was a clip of No Doubt performing... how can we know what the episode will be like when it's just a 1 minute clip of a band playing a song? Didn't get much from the preview so I can't give an honest opinion of what I think of it. Just throwing that out there.

Nair all the way

it will just be too weird, is the whole lily background just one episode or a whole series? i dont think it will work personally


Serena's father is so cute and hot! OMG. Young Rufus is not so the present Rufus. but i am so excited for this episode.! i can't wait till monday!


I absolutely agre with OMFGGaga . We think the same thoughts!


seriously I am getting tired off all you haters, this episode looks like it might just be good. Give it a shot, you never know it might just surprise you. Sure it lacks more 80's style but I'm sure it will be nice. Plus No EFFIN Doubt is on the show! :] Uber excited.


Excellent news.I love Lily and Rufus...

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