Tiffany Pollard Previews New York Goes to Work

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As usual, Tiffany Pollard has a whole lot to say.

In the interview clips below, Pollard previews her upcoming show New York Goes to Work, which premieres tomorrow night Monday.

From there, New York gets in a few jabs at Chance, Real, Tailor Made and Saaphyri. Follow this article's jump to hear her dish it out.

[video url="/videos/tiffany-pollard-interview/" title="Tiffany Pollard Interview"][/video]

[video url="/videos/tiffany-pollard-video/" title="Tiffany Pollard Video"][/video]

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Haters!!! You are just jealous because you can't make money doing crap and have instead to toil for 8 hours or more only to bring home a lousy check of less than 3000 dollars! Quit's called reality tv for a reason, it's all fake!


ok. this woman even when she tries to be genuine doesn't come across as genuine. Oh it's so painful to watch. Every season her breasts get larger and her weave more extravagant. Sorry Tiffany you just don't cut it. Here's to real people on reality t.v. and tiffany that doesn't include you.


This comment is for "you suck"...I feel you!!! The show is just pathetic! I can't stand to watch that big forehead beotch act...if anything or anybody would be those that had to be in contact with that ugly, no talent, slut and most of all...poor excuse of a woman! Again, New York go get some skills and get a real stupid beotch!!!


newyork is sooo pathetic and she does not deserve the money that she has gotten. take this stupid show off the air, and lets never hear of her again. OHHH MY GODDDDD, I DONT WANNA DIEE!!!! come on idiot, u think a bee is going to kill you or a little ass pig. get real u physco crazy girl. no wonder u couldnt find love. dumbass!!!!!

Avatar really, Is this the best we can do for entertainment? The dumbing down of a country!! America WAKE UP!!!!


i live in chicago ill i love your show baby i m very single men 29 year old.