We Never Get Our Fill of McDreamy

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Despite being an advanced auto racer, McDreamy still pumps his own gas - would you expect any less? Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey was the picture of patience Monday afternoon as he waited for his ride to refuel at a Brentwood, Calif., gas station ...

Fill 'Er Up

We will truly never get our fill of Patrick Dempsey and his Grey's Anatomy character. Follow the link for our site's full gallery of old and new Patrick Dempsey pictures!

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*chin drops* OMG.
He looks ah-maze-ing!


I stood there at work yesterday when the commercial came on TV and couldn't stop staring at him. I just kept telling my friend that he was the prettiest man ever. Patrick that is, not my friend. My friend didn't seem to understand why I found him so amazing. I was just staring at the TV in awe of the man. He is amazing. And he really is McDreamy.


I want him lol... hot hot hot... i my god.... If you want a Mcbaby for next Season Please sign here: http://www.petitiononline.com/...


OMG...he's soooo sexy. his wife is so lucky to have him.


OMG He is so good looking. He may be married, with kids and be way older than me, but he is just sexy all over :)


I live in Brentwood, why don't I ever see him?!?!!?




i love him sooo muchh he is soo fit and omg his advert on tv i scream everytime i see itt ahhhhhhh


I'd pay ANY price for gas if it involved Patrick! Man is he McHot! Guess I'll have to move to Brentwood, LOL!


This picture is now my background on my computer screen. At least for a week or so, then I'll go back to pictures of my hubby and kids....I really hope I get to meet him when I do the Dempsey Challenge 100 mile bike ride! I would probably just start stammering and stuttering and make an a$$ of myself though...


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